Volunteers Policy

  1. All volunteers must be registered attendees to the convention in good standing, will be held to the rules of the Katsucon Code of Conduct.
  2. All volunteers must provide their full legal name, as well as email address for contact purposes.
  3. Volunteers will be assigned a time card and a volunteer badge, and the Volunteers Department will take temporary possession of their attendee badge.  Once a given volunteer has completed their requested assignment, they are to return to the Volunteers Department, turn in their volunteer badge and time card, and they will receive back their attendee badge,
  4. A volunteer will be assigned to a given department as needed.  While volunteering with that department, they will be required to have a representative from that department fill out their time card, which should include their arrival time, departure time, and the initials of the person supervising their assignment.
  5. Volunteer assignments are based on current convention needs.  A volunteer may request a given department, but the decision on department assignments rests with the Volunteers Department Head.  However, the final acceptance of a volunteer assignment rests with the volunteer, who always has the option to decline a particular assignment. If a volunteer works a department that has overnight hours (I.e., Public Safety, Live Programming, Dance, et.), the volunteer is to return to the Volunteers Desk and hand back the Volunteers badge no later than 8:00pm. They can return the following day, obtain the volunteer badge, and return to that department for continued work.
  6. If a volunteer wishes to take a break from volunteering, they need to return to Volunteers Department and turn in their time card, so that the staff can track how many volunteers are deployed at any given time. Restroom breaks are not included in this rule.
  7. A volunteer will receive rewards at the end of the convention based on their total hours worked.  Hours may be granted extra weight to help fill need, at the discretion of the Chair Team.  Rewards may also be granted prior to the end of the convention, if sufficient hours are earned, at the discretion of the Department Head.
2 hours Katsucon Pin or Pencil
5 hours Katsucon T-Shirt
10 hours Katsucon Volunteers T-Shirt
15 hours Bento Box
20 hours Free Admission to Next Year’s Convention