Cosplay Meet-up Coordination


Submissions have closed. The meet-up schedule will be posted shortly.

Hello again Cosplayers, Cosplay Designers, and Photographers!

We are back to help officially schedule your photoshoot as a part of the convention, and also to help organize and run your shoot at con so as to create a more seamless, fun experience for all in attendance. 

We’ll be booking every half hour between three locations: the Gazebo, the end of Potomac Hallway (past the Autographs lines) and the Fountain. Please email suggestions or requests to [email protected] and we will do our best to accommodate you. See our FAQ for additional information.

This year, we will be adding a space for Dance Groups to meet-up and perform in the Riverview!

Requests for bookings will be on a first come first, first serve basis. Please fill out the form with your information as well as your location choice and three time slot options.

All photoshoots are open to photography from general attendees as well as convention photographers.

A final schedule will be published with the convention schedule and on our website. We will email all the accepted organizers with their time slot as soon as the schedule is finalized.

Reasons to schedule with us:

  • You will have an official slot, so no time/location conflicts with other groups
  • Katsucon Staff will be there to support you and assist in calling groups, if needed
  • Your photoshoot will be on our official schedule, as well as listed on our track in Guidebook
  • Katsucon staff will help you keep things organized, safe, and most importantly, fun

Meet-up Coordination Policies

  • We will request a shot list prior to the convention
  • If you have a Facebook Event for your photoshoot, we request to be invited to it
  • Photoshoots will be limited to 30 minutes unless arranged otherwise in advance
  • If your group is larger than expected, we may have to move your location or cut your shoot
  • The photoshoot organizer(s) must be pre-registered for the convention
  • Katsucon Staff are not able to watch anyone’s personal belongings, please have a friend available to watch them or secure them prior to the photoshoot
  • We try to schedule just one photoshoot of any given theme/show/game/comic, they will be scheduled first come, first serve
  • Unofficial photoshoots are still allowed, but are not under our preview, so any location or time conflicts are not something we can control
  • All convention rules must be followed during photoshoots, including the Photography, Dress Code and Cosplay Prop policies