Katsucon Karaoke


Come and join us for a fun time at karaoke, where you can perform, dance, or relax with friends! Sign up for open mic and enjoy the thrill of performing for or with friends! Find us in National Harbor 11 for a fun night!


  1. Only sign up for one song at a time! No signing up for a second round until you’re done with your first. This included singing with a friend
  2. We allow songs from anime, games, and Japanese/Chinese/Korean artists! English versions are allowed.
  3. Please pick songs no longer than six (6) minutes. If your song goes more than a few seconds over this time, we may fade you out.
  4. Two (2) people on stage at a maximum. 
  5. We will have music available, but you are welcomed and encouraged to bring your songs on USB drives as well Last sign-ups are thirty (30) minutes before the end of the panel, depending on volume of participants.
  6. No heckling. We’re all here to have fun!