Katsucon 2024 Artist Alley


Thank you for your interest in the Katsucon 2024 Artist Alley!

We are very excited to celebrate Katsucon’s 29th Anniversary from February 16th to February 18th 2024 with a very diverse, creative, and immensely gifted Artist Alley.

We welcome you to visit the Artist Alley! We will be located in Prince George’s Hall D with over 175 tables for artists to display their wares. This is the perfect place to meet or discover your favorite artist, to buy print art, request a commission, find the perfect plushie, accessorize your cosplay with a prop, hat or jewelry, locate the ideal sculpture, and so much more! The Art Show will be sharing the room with us and showcasing their creative displays and services as well.

Interested in becoming an Artist for the Katsucon 2024 Artist Alley? Fantastic!

All art enthusiasts and creators representing any and all art styles, mediums, genres, and techniques are encouraged to apply!

Applications for Katsucon 2024’s Artist Alley are Closed

There are a few easy steps to complete the Artist Alley table application process:

  • Read and understand the Katsucon 2024 Artist Info Packet
  • Complete and submit the Katsucon 2024 Artist Alley Application, on Eventeny, for the jury process.
  • Please make sure your email and portfolio links work.
  • After the jury process, if accepted, submit payment through Eventeny.
  • Congrats! You’re in and we will provide your table assignment and further communications via email.

Please understand that there is a high volume of interest in the Artist Alley, and we have limited exhibition space. Because of the overwhelming demand, we unfortunately cannot offer a table to every artist who applies for the Artists Alley. If you are not accepted, you will be waitlisted and still have a chance for a table. Please understand that all artists are respected and appreciated, and we encourage all artists to apply every year!

Our jury process allows us to curate an Artist Alley that has a selection that is varied, meaningful, inspiring, and exciting for attendees while also being balanced and profitable for the artists.

Our goal this year is to provide the artists with a positive, enriching, and supportive environment that is inclusive of all people and their unique abilities, strengths and differences, and skills. We understand the urgency when it comes to the artist’s scheduling and will make every effort to move the process along with more communication from our Artist Alley staff, so please be prepared. Your patience and understanding are greatly appreciated.

Please note that if safety conditions change, we will adjust accordingly, with as much notice as possible.

Applications for Katsucon 2024’s Artist Alley are Closed

Please keep in mind that we jury our Artist Alley, so you can take your time filling out all the information. Make sure the information on your application is correct and complete. Make sure your email and portfolio links work.

Table Info:

1 Standard Artist Table Space-$300

The standard artist table space (1 aisle facing table) will include one 6-foot by 30-inch table, two chairs, tablecloth, and one artist badge. 2 additional artist badges may be purchased for $55.

1 Premium Artist Table Space-$600

The premium artist table space (2 aisle facing tables) will include two 6-foot by 30-inch tables(L-shaped) on a corner, two chairs, tablecloths, and two artist badges. 3 additional artist badges may be purchased at $55 each. If you are selected for KAA 2024 and all Premium spots are assigned before we get to your name, you will be offered a single table space. Premium spaces can be arranged to your specifications as long as your build is safe and does not encroach on other table spaces.

Please let us know if you need additional helper badges.

Artist Table
Space Type
PriceBadges IncludedAllowable
Price of
Table Space Includes
Standard Artist
Table Space
$3001 (one)2 (two)$551 (one) 6ft x 2.5ft table
1 (one) tablecloth
2 (two) chairs
Premium Artist
Table Space
$6002 (two)3 (three)$552 (two) 6ft x 2.5ft tables
2 (two) tablecloths
4 (four) chairs

Please be sure to read the 2024 KAA Info Pack

Here are some tips that may be helpful and answer some immediate questions:

  • Stickers, decals, washi tape, and products with adhesive properties ARE permitted to be sold in the 2024 artist alley.
  • A.I. generated ‘art’ is not permitted.
  • Yes, your art is amazing, and we hope you consider applying.
  • Take your time filling out the application, selection is not done on a first come, first serve basis.
  • There are areas in the artist hall where cell reception is bad.
  • Table sharing is not allowed.
  • The primary artist must be available at their table for a minimum of 2/3 of the Artist Alley Open Hours, including VIP hours.
  • If applying as a studio, only the art pieces that are a collaborative effort can be displayed.
  • Tables and Artist badges are not transferable.
  • Proxy/Agented sales are not permitted.
  • There will be a lottery for unclaimed tables on Friday. You must be present to apply for the lottery and must be at the Artist Alley Staff table 30 minutes before closing on Friday for the drawing.
  • Children are always welcome; we are a family friendly event!
  • Wi-Fi, electricity, telephone, and shipping/storage services are available for purchase through the Gaylord National Convention Center (https://gaylordnational.boomerecommerce.com).
  • A valid government issued ID, a MD Sales Tax License, and 2 Exhibitor affidavits are required at KAA table check-in.
  • Legal name changes due to a change in marital status, transitioning, etc., will be accepted up to and during the convention.
  • Artist Alley table space payments are not refundable. We do understand if you need to cancel, but will no longer be offering refunds. No refunds. All sales final.
  • Please screenshot your KAA application confirmation screen for your own records.
  • Katsucon Artist Alley announcements will be made from official Katsucon social media sites as well as updates posted to our website. Please review throughout the year.
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2024 KAA Hours Of Operation

DayDateOpen for SetupOpen to VIPsOpen to AttendeesClose Down
Sunday2/18/20249:00am 9:30am10:00-3:005:00pm

*This time will depend on the Gaylord table set-up team. Loading dock hours will be announced closer to the convention in the ‘Load-In’ email.

Artists are expected to maintain a presence at their assigned table during all Artist Alley Hall open hours, including VIP hours.

We have a zero-tolerance harassment policy.

If you are an artist in the KAA and feel that you are a victim of any type of harassment for any reason, please find any KAA staff member immediately. We will take the appropriate steps to help resolve the matter. You deserve an Artist Alley that is free from harassment, intimidation, and discrimination and safety is always our concern.

 We wish everyone the best of luck and we look forward to seeing all your amazing creations! If you have any questions, comments, or concerns – please email us at [email protected].