Katsucon 2024 Anime Music Videos


Welcome to the homepage for Katsucon’s anime music video (AMV) contests! Please join us at the convention to celebrate fan-created videos across categories such as Action, Comedy, and Romance. Vote on your favorites and crown the winners with us at the Sunday award show!

If you are an editor, please see the information below about entering the contest. We’re excited to see the great AMVs you’ve created! We welcome participants of all skill levels to enter the AMV contests.

Katsucon has the following AMV contests, each featuring its own selection of videos to enjoy and vote on:

  • The AMV Showdown:
    • Our main AMV event at Katsucon. It is a PG-13 rated contest that shows both Friday and Saturday.
  • Saturday Morning AMVs:
    • This is an all-ages, PG-rated contest which shows on (you guessed it!) Saturday morning. It features both new videos and some age-appropriate entries from the AMV Showdown. We created this event to offer a more family-friendly alternative for our younger members to enjoy AMVs as well. Bring the kids, bring the grandparents – there’s plenty of fun to be had!
  • NSFW AMVs:
    • This is our 18+ contest for the AMVs. Do you have that creative desire to edit to something that’s more on the mature side of things? Are you worried that your AMV may be a little too risqué or graphic for a general audience? Well fear not, that’s what the Katsucon NSFW contest is here for! Get ready to cut loose, because we want your most insane, funny, and entertaining AMVs for this no holds barred, anything goes contest!
  • AMV Blender:
    • Blender is a short AMV showcase that acts as a pre-show to the AMV Showdown. It is a great place for first-time editors to submit a short clip to show their stuff and for experienced editors to showcase ideas too short for a full AMV. Clips can be from 15 to 60 seconds long. As this showcase features new editors, we are a little more relaxed about quality control, but please try to stay close to the guidelines. So, try something new and show off your creative side!
Submissions for Katsucon 2024 are now closed!