AMV Contest Winners


Winners of the 2024 AMVs

Saturday Morning Winners

Action winner: The Beach Episode of Sports – SpuddStaaa
Action runner up: Feel Invincible – Pyrothemusical

Drama Winner: Follow Me – Silent Hero Studios
Drama Runner up: Purpose – thefanvideoer2

Comedy winner: I’m Just Tamaken – hilovids
Comedy Runner up: The Snow Level – SpuddStaaa

Trailer Winner: Idols – SpuddStaaa
Trailer Runner up: Macwolf – ZeonicFreak

Romance Sentimental winner: Reach for Each Other – cdlang84
Romance Sentimental runner up: Flying Freely – Seasaltmemories

Upbeat Winner: Horsing Around – Always Drafts
Upbeat Winner: Troublemaker – Saminatordavis

Best in Show: Anya go BRRR – Moonpie

Showdown Winners

Drama Winner: Villain By Pyrothemusical
Drama Runner Up: The Storyteller’s Burden bySeasaltmemories

Action Winner: Lose Control By ThatOneGuy
Action Runner Up: Ready, Set, Go By KEL

Romance Sentimental Winner: A life in pictures By Nuke
Romance Sentimental Runner Up: Mariposa By andeegriffeth

Comedy Winner: Animemes Sears Commercials By SilkAMV
Comedy Runner Up: Cowboy BeBop at His Computer By cagayakegirlz

Upbeat Winner
: Shenanigans By Dreamerjordi
Upbeat Runner Up: Welcome to the Anime Parade! By Bionic Slime

Best in Show: Lose Control By ThatOneGuy

NSFW Winners

Action Winner: Chainsaw Teen – Andeegriffeth
Action Runner Up: Dragula Symphony – cdlang84

Drama Winner: Star-Crossed Lovers, Forever – PrincessMareep
Drama Runner Up: Vampire in Pain – Complicated Muse

Upbeat Winner: Light:De – JadeCharm
Upbeat Runner Up: Super BAD-AMV – JOK

Experimental Winner: Greedy – UnluckyArtist
Experimental Runner Up (Tie): FLCL: noise – Synaesthesia Productions
Experimental Runner Up (Tie): Entropy – vanshee

Horror Winner: HellFire – cagayakegirlz
Horror Runner Up: Fear for the Flesh – Cagayakegirlz

Ecchi/Lewd Winner: Gyaru Club – SpuddStaaa
Ecchi/Lewd Runner Up: Duality of Man – cagayakegirlz

Comedy Winner: Run Makoto Run – Qwaqa
Comedy Runner Up: All Mights Attack Chicken – MammiKunniaan

Best in Show: Run Makoto Run – Qwaqa

Judge’s Picks

Pg: Death rattle
Showdown: Bebop at the computer
NSFW: Attack chicken
Dept Head Pick: List of don’t

Winners of The 2023 AMVs

Showdown Winners

Trailer Runner Up: A Fistful of Woolongs by ZeonicFreak
Trailer Winner: Eren Yeager – The Founding Titan by ENITZ

Action Runner Up: Blood in the Wine by Silent Hero
Action Winner: Counting Stars by ThatOneGuy

Upbeat Runner Up: One Step at a Time by SonsofKorhal9
Upbeat Winner: Still Got It by E_01

Drama Runner Up: Waving Through by Opner
Drama Winner: Killing Kind by Nekokitkat

Romance/Sentimental Runner Up: Wish You Were Here by John
Romance/Sentimental Winner: Kaguya’s in La La Land by SpuddStaaa

Comedy Runner Up: Loid Forger: Man on a Mission by Toon Addict Productions
Comedy Winner: Real Men on Ice by Silvercoat

BEST IN SHOW: Killing Kind by Nekokitkat
Judges’ Choice (Showdown): A Fistful of Woolongs by ZeonicFreak
Coordinator’s Choice: Killing Kind by Nekokitkat

Saturday Morning AMV Contest Winners

Action Runner Up: The Greatest Smash by Lightgirlification
Action Winner: Ultraluminary by Nekokitkat

Upbeat Runner Up: Geronimo by Lightgirlification
Upbeat Winner: Banyanigans by Moonpie

Drama Runner Up: Rise by Player One
Drama Winner: Last Dance by Lelani

Romance/Sentimental Runner Up: Apricot Bouquet by Troubleclef
Romance/Sentimental Winner: Josee in Tokyo by SpuddStaaa

Comedy Winners (Tied!):
Just One of Those Days by SonsofKorhal9
Super Loid Bros by SpuddStaaa

BEST IN SHOW: Super Loid Bros by SpuddStaaa
Judges’ Choice (Saturday Morning): Banyanigans by Moonpie

NSFW AMV Contest Winners

Lewd/Ecchi Runner Up: Red Chicks by Takeshi
Lewd/Ecchi Winner: Young Monsters Copulation Association by Drewaconclusion

Action Runner Up: OUR WAY by Silent Hero
Action Winner: Miracle by E_01

Upbeat Runner Up:  End of Line by Iokkiclu
Upbeat Winner: T.A.P.P. by SilkAMV

Comedy Runner Up: Horny Dance by Horny Squad
Comedy Winner: A Thousand Bops by ZeonicFreak

BEST IN SHOW: A Thousand Bops by ZeonicFreak

Winners of The 2022 AMVs

Showdown Winners:
Action – Enemy by Erik Heckert
Upbeat – Hashtag#Homecoming by Rider4Z
Drama – Love of Two is One by Synaesthesia Productions
Romance – What We Mean When We Say We’d Give Up Everything by DopplerDo
Comedy – Drowning in the Kiddie Pool by drewaconclusion
Best in Show – A Jedi’s Survival by SilkAMV

Saturday Morning AMVs Winners:
Action – Dream Flight by Casual-Swimmer
Upbeat – My Everyday Vibes by Synaesthesia Productions
Romance – Chasing the Dragon by Toon Addict Productions
Comedy – I Love Me Too by l33tmeatwad and pwcagal
Best in Show – I Love Me Too by l33tmeatwad and pwcagal

Upbeat – Cherry Pop by xDreww
Action – Monster by AMV Kawa
Drama / Romance – Ace of Hearts by Iokkiclu
Comedy – Spacy Bravo by drewaconclusion
Best in Show – Ace of Hearts by Iokkiclu

Judges’ Choice – Dragon Ball: Into the Dragon-Verse by Drabaz
Coordinator’s Choice – My Only Eevee by thefanvideoer2

2021 – No AMV contest or convention due to covid

Winners of the 2020 AMVs

Action: Manic Melody – BecauseImBored1
Romance: When She Loved Me – Captain Drew
Upbeat: Shack Up! – Troubleclef
Drama: True Colours – AngelMaeVictory
Comedy: YIAYMV – ShizayaFanart
Best In Show: Manic Melody – BecauseImBored1
Judges Choice: The Ouran Book Report – AquaSorceress
Coordinator’s Choice: OtakuLove – Nuke

Action: Monogatari Series: Reality – Cneq
Horror: Toxic – Erik Heckert
Drama: I’ve Lost Myself – BleachShippu5678
Upbeat: Teenage Dream – ValterRCP
Comedy: 50 Shades of Yuri – PrettyObsessive
Best In Show: Monogatari Series: Reality – Cneq
Judges Choice: F-Bomb – Maboroshi Studios
Coordinator’s Choice: Unsquashible – Pikapwn

Action: The Takedown – Pervysloth
Romance / Drama: Pichu of Mine – Thefanvideor2
Upbeat: Bang Goes The Railgun – Silent Hero Studios
TV Spots: Ghostbusters – Nuke
Comedy: Making A Hero – Hamstar138
Best in Show: Making A Hero – Hamstar138
Judge’s Choice: KyoAniNoon – Toon Addict Productions
Coordinator’s Choice: Adrenaline – Rider4Z

Winners of the 2019 AMVs

Action: by Fullmetal Dingus Energy by BioticAMVs
Romance: As We Fall by Mysunsai
Drama: A Silent Worry by Zandersen
Upbeat: Happy Little Clouds by Glitzer
Comedy: Plus Ultra Body Wash by Maboroshi Studio
Best in Show: Plus Ultra Body Wash by Maboroshi Studio
Judge’s Choice: The Ouran Side by BecauseImBored1
Showrunner’s Choice: It Rhymes by KeiichiFace (Tsunderbird Studios)

Action: The Beat: Side A by DopplerDo
Horror: Aunt Rhody by James Blond
Drama: Circuit Tree by shorisquared
Comedy: F-Bomb by Maboroshi Studio
Judge’s Choice: Suck My Balls Mr Aizawa by Maboroshi Studio
Showrunner’s Choice: Terrible Things by xNekoAMV
Best in Show: F-Bomb by Maboroshi Studio

Action: Not A Hero by Kazemon15 
Romance & Drama: A Story to Tell – Valter RCP
Upbeat: Bananya Cat – Cuteness Overload by Studio le Croc 
TV Spots: Tohru by Opner
Comedy: You Can’t Stop The Beat by AnimeTwins
Best in Show:  A Story to Tell by Valter RCP
Judge’s Choice: Mummy Days by TheDestineeAMV
Showrunner’s Choice: The Road to Pompeii by Toon Addict Productions

Winners of the 2018 AMVs

ACTION – Heroes by AnteresHeart07
ROMANCE – It Doesn’t Feel the SamebyDragonGirl Sam
UPBEAT – Anime Masterchef by AnteresHeart07
DRAMA – Fullmetal Hamilton by An American Musical by Miracle Falcon
COMEDY – What Would Anime Jesus Do? by Studio Hawk
BEST IN SHOW – Anime Masterchef by AnteresHeart07
JUDGE’S CHOICE – The SirenbyMaboroshi Studio
COORDINATOR’S CHOICE – Language of Love byCirera & Korppari

ACTION – Hell of a Feeling by shorisquared
DRAMA – S. T. F. D. by JuniperProductions
ECCHI – New Level! by Kyci
COMEDY – Goop Troop by Redeem
BEST IN SHOW – Hell of a Feeling by shorisquared
JUDGE’S CHOICE – Goop Troop by Redeem
COORDINATOR’S CHOICE – Thot Provoking Triple Bagel Backspins by UnluckyArtist

ACTION – Deku to Hero byIvordes Greenleaf
DRAMA – Breathe byPaNTSU oF d00m
UPBEAT – Paid Salary by shorisquared
TV SPOTS – Goku: Ragnarok by UnluckyArtist
COMEDY – Dance! Dance! Dance! by Drabaz
BEST IN SHOW – Dance! Dance! Dance! by Drabaz

Winners of the 2017 AMVs

Action: Shifting Sands by Obsidian Zero
Romance: SUKI DA!!! by StarTrinity009
Upbeat: Gurren – An American Musical by Studio Hawk
Drama: Evergreen by StarTrinity009
Comedy: Manly Manly Men by Obsidian Zero
Best In Show: Gurren – An American Musical by Studio Hawk
Judge’s Choice: Evil Eye by Allegoriest AMVs
Coordinator’s Choice: Mahoupocalypse by Celia Phantomhive 

1st Place: Chitoge’s Rap by UnluckyArtist
2nd Place: Sexy Cool Girl by Looksfordanger
3rd Place: Bacteria by Tayune55 Coordinator’s Choice – Suk a Big Dik by shorisquared 

Action: Data Overload by Trenzilla
Drama/Romance: Evergreen by StarTrinity009
Comedy: In Digestion by drewaconclusion
Upbeat: Gurren – An American Musical by Studio Hawk

Winners of the 2016 AMVs

Action: The Warriors by Unlucky Artist
Romance: Future (Diary) Husband by ShoriSquared
UpBeat: One Hell of a Host by BecauseImBored1
Drama: Unstoppable by Maboroshi Studio and MomtoCutiePia
Comedy: Ani-Mon by GeneStarwind21122 & GloryQuestor
Best In Show: (C)Loathing by Miracle Falcon
Judge’s Choice: Between Rage & Serenity
Coordinator’s Choice: Otakapella – Studio Hawk

1st Place: Snow Blower by DrewAConclusion
2nd Place: Crazy Cake by Unlucky Artist
3rd Place:Dulcet by Flamfield
Coordinator’s Choice: Figment by Bruce Guerreiro

Action: I’ll Be Strong – Ilmenske
Drama/Romance: Thallein by GuntherAMVs
TV Spots: He Lies by ShoriSquared
Upbeat: Yonkom Heaven by Toon Addict Productions

Winners’ of the 2015 AMVs

Action: Hot Blooded by BecauseImBored1
Romance: My Little Sister Can’t Be This Cute RUDE! by shorisquared
Upbeat: I Told You So! by Unlucky Artist
Drama: World On Fire by CJEJTHEDJ
Comedy: Chi & The Not So Company by MycathatesyouAMV
Judge’s Choice: Radiant Dawn by MycathatesyouAMV
Coordinator’s Choice: Throwback by drewaconclusion
Con Chair’s Choice: Anything Can Happen By Neko Kitkat
Best in Show: Hot Blooded by BecauseImBored1

First Place: My Nipples Can Pierce The Heavens by drewaconclusion
Second Place: Generation Selfie by MycathatesyouAMV
Third Place: Just Me Only Me Sexy Me by ChaosGod
Best In Show: My Nipples Can Pierce The Heavens by drewaconclusion
Coordinator’s Choice: Just Me Only Me Sexy Me by ChaosGod