Katsucon Cons/Clubs


Cons and Clubs Applications are LIVE for 2024! Please Click Here to apply.

Please keep an eye on our social media accounts for any updated information/announcements.

Everything you need to know is outlined in our Exhibitor’s Packet. All exhibitors are expected to read to completion and understand all policy/procedures located there. By applying to Katsucon Cons/Clubs Section, you are agreeing to all of the terms/services outlined there and any changes made by Katsucon leadership with or without notice.

Click here for the Exhibitor Packet

Welcome to the Katsucon Cons/Clubs page! Each year, we strive to fill our cons/clubs area with some of the best. From nonprofits to fellow conventions, we look to provide unique and fun finds for our attendees and to increase the outreach of each group.

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What are Cons/Clubs?

Cons/clubs (conventions and clubs) are defined as conventions, clubs, events and other entities that are using their space for promotion. Promotion includes fliers and word of mouth to raise awareness for that entity.

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Con/Club Spaces

10ft10ftFour*One (1) 6ft x 2.5ft table
Two (2) chairs

* Unless otherwise defined by agreement with Senior Management prior to Exhibitor Check-in/Registration

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Application Process

  • All cons/clubs must submit an application to be considered for Katsucon Merchants Hall.
  • The selection process is through an independent jury team. Things our jury consider include but are not limited to uniqueness, booth setup, fit with Katsucon environment, etc.
  • We have a limited number of spaces available. This means that not every group can be selected every year. We will strive to rotate and give everyone a fair chance.
  • There will be no table sharing.
  • After submission, Exhibitors will receive an email informing them if they are accepted/declined or placed on our waitlist. Vendor’s may request to be put on our waitlist (all waitlist must still juried) Please do not email staff about application status UNLESS an announcement is made that emails have went out and you did not receive one
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Cons/Clubs Helpful Hints

  • Raffles of any kind are prohibited unless all conditions are met as outlined in the exhibitor packet.
  • Sales/services of any kind are prohibited without Katsucon Merchant Hall leadership approval. (convention badge pre-sales/sales and convention merch are excluded but please note in your application) If approved, an MD Sales Avidavit MUST be present and all rules/procedures followed just like other exhibitors
  • Wi-Fi, electricity, telephone, and shipping/storage services are available for purchase through the Gaylord National Convention Center – https://gaylordnational.boomerecommerce.com/
  • READ THE EXHIBITORS PACKET!!! It has complete information!
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Cons/Clubs Expectations

  • All cons/clubs are expected to double check their booth space location upon check-check in. Spaces can change up to the day of the con.
  • Cons/clubs MAY NOT move or exchange spaces without Merchant Hall leadership approval.
  • Cons/clubs must be on time and present during all hall operation hours. Cons/clubs that no-show, leave early, arrive late, etc. may affect their acceptance into the hall the following year. Because of the limited spaces available, Cons/Clubs that no-show without notice/communication to leadership will not be allowed the following Katsucon (but may apply again after that).
  • A valid government issued ID is required to claim badges. All badge holders are required to have one.
  • Cons/Clubs must read through the Exhibitor’s Packet and follow all rules/procedure and maintain proper conduct as well as the rules of the convention and Gaylord Resort Hotel. Harassment/disrespect towards staff/attendees will not be tolerated.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to the Merchants Team via our email [email protected] for more information. We look forward to seeing you soon!