Katsucon Art Show Rules



  1. NO MAIL-IN ART: Your work is much safer being delivered to the convention by you or your agent, no matter how much postal insurance and packing material you use. It’s also, generally, much cheaper. If you have any questions, please contact the Art Show Director.
  2. NO PHOTOGRAPHY IN THE ART SHOW EXCEPT FOR THE PURPOSE OF ARCHIVING YOUR OWN WORK: This is not to say that any photography cannot be displayed as an artwork; just that you cannot take photographs or bring a camera into the Art Show unless it’s to document your own work.
  3. ALL ENTRIES MUST BE ORIGINAL WORK BY ARTIST: This does not include computer art or photographs unless they have signed affidavits of being unique prints (as in being the only ones available at the convention), or hand-colored cells and/or prints by someone other than the artist. One (1) print of a given piece of artwork is allowed so long as there are no multiple copies of said print in the Vendors Room; if you wish to sell multiple prints of your artwork, please make arrangements with one of the vendors. Be warned, though, that it is illegal to turn your hotel room into a mini-vendors room: you will lose all rights to your room and you will be ejected from the hotel and the convention (not to mention possibly getting arrested and/or banned from any future conventions, depending on the severity of the violation. This last is up to the hotel and the Con-chair).
    1. **NEW** Artificial Intelligence (AI)-generated art is currently not allowed. Also, Art Show Staff reserve the right to allow/not allow specific pieces of art at time of check-in or anytime afterward. Any removed artworks will be returned to the artist/agent.
  4. SPACE IS ALLOTTED ON A FIRST COME, FIRST SERVE BASIS: The deadline for submitting art is 12PM (Noon) Saturday. If there is still space, artists will be permitted to continue checking in and hanging/displaying on a table artwork until all available space is filled.
    1. Corollary rules for Artist Guests: Unless prior arrangements are made through Guest Relations and the Art Show Director, display space reserved for Artist Guests WILL NOT BE HELD PAST 12PM (NOON) SATURDAY. Do not expect to have space automatically reserved for your use as an attending Artist Guest (much less expect for it to be held indefinitely): only Artist Guests who state that they will be displaying work in the Art Show will have reserved space. Additionally, only Artist Guests who make arrangements for a late check-in into the Art Show will have their space held past Noon Saturday deadline. NO SPACE WILL BE HELD PAST PRE-ARRANGED LATE CHECK-IN TIMES.
  5. ARTISTS HANG/DISPLAY THEIR OWN ARTWORK; ASSISTANCE WILL BE PROVIDED IF NECESSARY: Hanging equipment (peg hooks and clips) will also be provided for hanging pictures. Please have your 2-D artwork ready to hang (i.e. matted and/or framed) when you arrive at the convention. The Art Show does not provide matting or framing materials. Katsucon Art Show Artist Rules
  6. THE ART SHOW DOES NOT PROVIDE DISPLAY CASES: Please provide your own if you are displaying hand-crafted jewelry or other items you consider to be highly valuable and/or easy to steal if not contained in a display case. The Art Show will do everything in its power to otherwise prevent theft and/or damage to artwork.
  7. PLEASE RESTRICT YOUR DISPLAY TO TWO (2) PANELS AND ONE-HALF (1/2) TABLE OR ONE (1) PANEL AND ONE (1) TABLE: Floor space for large stand-up 3-D art can be arranged, but communicate with Art Show Director first about any special displaying needs. If more hanging space is needed, please communicate with Art Show Director first and/or wait to see if space is still available after noon on Saturday.
  8. PLEASE RESTRICT THE NUMBER OF NOT-FOR-SALE (NFS) ITEMS TO FIVE (5): These pieces must be marked clearly as NFS on the bid sheet by red stickers (which will be provided by the Art Show) and/or crossing out the section for placing bids on the relevant bid sheets.
  9. ADULT ART MUST BE PLACED IN THE ADULT SECTION OF THE ART SHOW: Adult art is defined as sexually explicit or highly graphic work. If there are any questions or concerns regarding your art and if it falls within this category, please reach out to the Art Show staff and/or the Art Show Director. If your art is classified as adult art, it will be placed in the Adult Art section of the Art Show. Please note that no one under the age of 18 will be permitted in the Adult Art section during the convention.
  10. IF AN AGENT IS CHECKING IN, DISPLAYING, AND CHECKING OUT ARTWORK, THEY MUST HAVE A LETTER OF PERMISSION FROM YOU WITH YOUR NAME, DATE, AND SIGNATURE ON IT: If you can’t be there in person, make sure the person representing you has the proper authorization and photo ID or he/she will not be allowed to display your work.
  11. IF YOU NEED TO CHECK OUT BEFORE NOON SUNDAY, PLEASE MAKE THE NECESSARY ARRANGEMENTS WITH THE ART SHOW DIRECTOR AND STAFF AS FAR IN ADVANCE AS POSSIBLE: This cannot be emphasized strongly enough — SPECIAL ARRANGEMENTS OF ANY KIND MUST BE MADE IN ADVANCE. If you wait until you arrive at the convention, the Art Show may not be able to make such arrangements.
  12. **CHANGE** KATSUCON COLLECTS A 5% COMISSION ON SALES: There are no other fees to display/sell art through the Art Show.
  13. **CHANGE** PAYMENT FOR SOLD ARTWORK WILL BE BY CHECK ON SUNDAY: You will receive payment for your sold art when you check-out and pick up unsold art between 1pm and 4pm on Sunday.
  14. ANY ART NOT PICKED UP BY 4PM SUNDAY WILL BECOME PROPERTY OF KATSUCON: Arrangements can be made ahead of time to have your art sent to you, however you will be responsible for any and all shipping and/or insurance costs, and the art will not be sent until such payments are received.


  1. YOUR ARTIST ID IS THE FIRST THREE LETTERS OF YOUR LAST NAME FOLLOWED BY THE FIRST LETTER OF YOUR FIRST NAME: Example: SMIJ for “John Smith” The Control Number for your art pieces is your Artist ID followed by the two digit item number (Example: SMIJ01, SMIJ02, etc)
  2. YOUR ITEM CONTROL NUMBER IS YOUR ARTIST ID FOLLOWED BY A TWO DIGIT ITEM NUMBER: Example: SMIJ01, SMIJ02, etc. for John Smith. This number, along with your Artist ID, must be written on both the bid sheet and the control sheet.
  3. CLEARLY PRINT ALL NECESSARY INFORMATION: Such as your name, address, title(s) of artwork, minimum bid/NFS, etc.: We need to be able to read these forms as much as you do so that we can keep track of the bidding and sales. Do not put in an agent’s name if you don’t have one; an agent must put in the name of the artist he/she is representing. Please note that the control sheets will need to be turned in to the art show staff, so feel free to fill out a second sheet for your records.
  5. DO NOT WRITE IN THE LAST COLUMN OF THE CONTROL SHEET: This column is for Art Show Staff use only and is for the purpose of tracking sales (including unsold art) and tallying the artists’ payment. Writing in this column only confuses the recordkeeping and may result in an incorrect record of sales and resulting payment.
  6. QUICK SALES: Should you wish, you can specify a price to sell your piece directly, before any bids are placed. This is completely optional, and should you not wish to utilize this, please leave the Quick Sale column on the control sheet blank.
  7. IT IS RECOMMENDED THAT YOU KEEP A TALLY OF THE BIDS PLACED ON YOUR ART: Making a copy of your Control Sheet to do the tracking on is suggested.


  2. A GREEN STICKER SIGNIFIES THAT A PIECE IS GOING TO AUCTION; A RED STICKER SIGNIFIES THAT A PIECE IS NOT FOR SALE (NFS): Artwork in this Art Show are either FOR SALE or NOT FOR SALE (NFS); anything else in terms of negotiating for a private sale of an otherwise NFS artwork is up to the individual artist.


  • Artist check-in begins on Friday at 10AM and continues until Saturday at 12PM (noon) or all space is filled.
  • The Art Show is open to the public from 1PM to 8PM on Friday and 10AM to 7PM on Saturday.
  • Bidding is open during Art Show hours from 1PM Friday until 6PM on Saturday. Quick Sales will be allowed after 3PM on Friday. Art Show will close for a short period at 6PM on Saturday to mark any bids as final, then re-open until 7PM for bidders to check their bid status.
  • On Sunday, bidder check-out will be from 10AM to 12PM (noon), with artist check-out going from 1PM to 4PM.

Please see the Art Show page on the Katsucon website for any changes to the above hours.

If there are any questions about these rules or the Art Show in general, please contact the Art Show Director by e-mail: [email protected]