Guests FAQ


Are there any COVID19 restrictions?

To provide the best environment for our Guests and our attendees, we will follow the following guidance:

  • Masks are required to be worn for any guest interactions. Guest interactions include autograph sessions and anytime you approach a guest, either in a panel or in the halls.
  • Please use social distancing when possible.
  • At the autograph sessions, hand sanitizer will be available for your use before approaching the table to receive your autograph.

When can I start lining up for Guest panels?

Please do not line up before a Guest panel any more than thirty (30) minutes before an event. See the staff stationed outside of the doors for guidance.

Can I talk to the guests after a panel or autograph session?

Due to schedules and other commitments, guests may not be able to speak after events. It is best to approach their staff liaison to check to see if the guest is available for a brief conversation. Do not crowd around the guests.

When will I be able to get an autograph from a Guest?

Please reference the schedule for autograph times and locations. You can filter the schedule in Guidebook by “Autograph” to see only the scheduled autograph sessions.

VIP attendees have separate autograph sessions. There is no guarantee guests will be at these sessions, and VIPs may have to attend a general session to receive autographs. There is no “front of line” privilege for VIPs.

Please reference Facebook or Twitter for any announcements regarding a possible change in autograph sessions. Times and places are subject to change.

When can I begin to line up for autograph sessions?

You can arrive at the designated autograph line thirty (30) minutes before the start of the autograph session. See the staff stationed near the autograph line for further assistance.

Can I get back in line after I have already received an autograph?

Yes, you can get back in the end of the line once you receive an autograph. There is no guarantee that you will receive additional autographs.

Can I give a gift to a guest?

If you are thinking of bringing a gift for a guest, please follow these guidelines for both practical and safety reasons. Guests reserve the right to decline any gift.

  • Please do not present any gifts during guest panels. Staff may ask you to wait until the end of an event to give your gift, or a staff member may provide it to the guest on your behalf.
  • Package your gift using a gift bag or clear packaging.
  • Remember that guests are traveling to this location, so you may not want to gift them with large or bulky items. It should easily fit into luggage and be durable.
  • Food items will not be accepted.