Disability Support Services


For attendees with mobile accessibility challenges, blindness, severe hearing challenges, and other chronic medical issues, Katsucon offers Disability Support Services (DSS). The kiosk is located directly in front of the general attendee registration Hall E. We offer a quick-access Registration line for those who have pre-registered along with a wristband that grants the following benefits:

  1. Assistance with Elevators- priority access to elevator use and/or use to additional elevators that the hotel staff use.
  2. Chair in line- grants privilege to either have a chair while waiting in line if there are any that are accessible, or have a proxy stand in line for you
  3. Seating close to the stage- If you have hearing or vision issues, you may request to be seated close to the stage within the various panel rooms
  4. Extra Space for mobility devices- Allows extra room/chair space for your device/service dog as needed
  5. Assistant attendees- you may designate up to two additional attendees/staff members as your assistants, so they may be with you within the ADA assigned areas or travel with you onto the elevators with priority status

Please do not hesitate to notify a staffer of any additional needs you may have over the course of the weekend. If you have any questions, please email DSS for details.


  • We do not provide the scooters nor rent out wheelchairs or other mobility aids.
  • The only animals allowed within the Gaylord are service dogs or grandfathered miniature horses. Emotional support animals are not allowed.
  • If an ASL interpreter is needed, they are allowed a comped badge to access the convention with the attendee, but Katsucon does not provide interpreters.
  • The First Aid group will handle medical bag checks going forward. These are the small bags that attendees are allowed to bring with them into restricted areas that contain needed medical supplies. For further information please refer to the Medical Necessity Bag Policy.