Common Fallacies About Volunteering

  1. It’s too hard.
    Stuff and nonsense! You will never be given a job that is too hard for you; anything requiring a skill you don’t already have will be taught to you.
  2. I have to be part of the “inner circle”.
    No way! Katsucon is always looking for new talent. Many of the people in higher-up positions have been with the convention less than three years. There is no ‘inner circle’; it’s all anime fandom.
  3. I will be stuck with a job I hate or can’t handle.
    While there’s always a need for someone to fill the thankless and tiring jobs of badge checking and room guarding, coat check. Katsucon will never force you to do something you absolutely don’t want to do. We are however not above begging.
  4. I have no detectable molecule of skill or knowledge that could help anyone.
    If you can walk and talk at the same time, Katsucon has a position for you. You’d be surprised at what you know.
  5. I won’t meet anyone or see anything at the convention.
    Just because you volunteer doesn’t mean that you have to miss the convention. Even two hours of work can make a huge difference! Also, you can choose when you wish to work.
  6. You’re really not an anime fan or you are just starting out in the genre.
    Perfect! This is how you can find out from the inside where to start. Some of the previous volunteers have been parents, siblings, roommates, significant others, and even driving buddies of attendees. Being dragged along for the weekend? The staff can help you fill your time and even explain what the big deal is.
  7. I will be treated rudely and ignored by staff.
    Katsucon tries its best to give sincere thanks where thanks are due, even to someone who can only do a few hours during the con. If you feel you have been ignored, speak up! Sometimes things get hectic and you might be passed over, but this is unintentional.
  8. I will be an anime god and have actual powers over others.
    They will bow before your mightiness and worship your shadow like the groveling slaves they are. Um… no. Anyone who thinks that should stay home or change the dosage on their psychotropic drugs. We don’t think abusing our attendees is a good idea. Those volunteers who show signs of delusions of grandeur will be escorted away and assigned to guard a blank wall in another hotel.
  9. I have to be a guy.
    That is an outright lie. Everyone can do the less than thankless jobs at the Con.
  10. Volunteers is responsible for Maid Café
    Volunteers is not affiliated with Maid Café in any way other than both being at Katsucon. If you are interest in Maid Café please visit their section of the website.