Why Volunteer?

  1. Meet the people.Ask anyone who has volunteered: you meet people, make friends, and be in prime locals for costume spotting (Okay maybe not so much that last one).
  1. Help the anime community.All staff who work at Katsucon are volunteers; no one gets paid a cent and some are not only paying for their badge, but their hotel rooms as well. They love anime and the anime community; without them, the convention would be nothing but pure, utter chaos.
  2. See if working a Convention is right for you.Volunteering is a great way to see if you want to commit to being staff at Katsucon. See the frantic behind the scenes running that makes Katsucon possible each year.
  3.  Volunteers has the best stuff.We give you stuff for working with us to make Katsucon possible!

Hours Worked:



Sore wa himitsu desu!


A rocking T-shirt that only Volunteers get


Crash Space OR a Mystery Gift

20 or more

Free Registration for next year’s Katsucon and the exhaustion that only comes with working a Con

5.  So much more… (but only if you help us out by volunteering!)