E.-MendezErica Mendez

Erica is best known for her roles as Ryuko Matoi in “KILL la KILL” and Aladdin in “Magi: The Labyrinth of Magic”. Other animation credits include Akari Sakishima in “A Lull in the Sea”, Fu Inubozaki in “Yuki Yuna is a Hero”, Reika Nishimura in the VIZ Media re-dub of “Sailor Moon”, Mametchi in the “Tamagotchi Friends” webisodes, various characters in “Blood Lad”, and Cloud E. Sky in the one-hour animated special “Lalaloopsy Girls: Welcome to L.A.L.A Prep School”.

Her video game works include Pac in “Pac-man and the Ghostly Adventures”, Nagisa Shingetsu in “Danganronpa Another Episode”, Eryn in “Fairy Fencer F”, Kanadeko in “Omega Quintet”, and  Annie in “Skullgirls 2nd Encore”. You can also hear her in other titles such as “Demon Gaze”, “Hyperdevotion Noire”, “Atelier Escha & Logy”, “The Witch and the Hundred Knight”, “Ar nosurge”, “Dust: An Elysian Tail”, and “Heroes of Newerth”.

Visit to check out her full list of credits. You can also keep up with Erica’s role announcements and incoherent rambling by following her on Twitter @tsunderica.

J-McDonaldJoel McDonald

Joel McDonald is a FUNimation ADR director by trade and an actor by birth. You’re probably not familiar with his early work, but rest assured that his portrayal of Hickory Dickory the Mouse in Ms. Waddell’s 6th grade class play was inspirational. Since then, Joel has directed shows like “Big Windup!”, “Initial D”, “Sgt. Frog”, “Deadman Wonderland”, and a dozen or so more. You can also hear Joel’s totally adequate voice acting in “Sekirei” (Minato), “Initial D” (Takumi), “Fairy Tail” (Zeref), “Baccano!” (Jacuzzi), “D. Grayman” (Jasdero), “Hetalia” (Poland), and “Attack on Titan” (Milieus). Gamers might recognize him as Captain Flynt and Tector Hodunk from “Borderlands 2” or Deputy Lee in “Walking Dead: Survival Instinct.” Oh, and he plays Meow in “Space Dandy”, which he’s currently co-directing. Joel rarely bites, so come say hi.

D.-VincentDavid Vincent

David Vincent is a professional voice actor / television producer based in Los Angeles, California. He has lent his voice to a variety  of animation / anime and video game titles, as well as numerous national commercials for television and radio.

David was nominated “Best Voice Actor in an Anime” by the American Anime Awards for his work in GUN x SWORD.

Some of his best known credits include:

Senketsu in Kill la Kill
Grimmjow Jeagerjaques & Kouga Kuchiki in Bleach
Li Xingke in Code Geass
Archer / Gilgamesh in Fate / Zero
Assassin in Fate / Stay Night
Van in GUN x SWORD
Seiji in Durarara!!
Arthur August Angel in Blue Exorcist
Jin Kisaragi & Hakumen in the BlazBlue game series
Richard in Tales Of Graces F
Raymond Vester in Resident Evil: Revelations
Marshall Law & Forest Law in the Tekken franchise
Shin Kamiya in Tekken: Blood Vengance
Eliot in Dead Or Alive 5
Keiss in Final Fantasy: The Crystal Bearers
T-Hawk in Super Street Fighter IV
Richter  in Castlevania: Dracula X Chronicles

Other titles include HALO 4, Soul Calibur V, Spec Ops: The Line and Alpha Protocol, plus many more new titles to be released this year.

In addition to voice acting, David has also appeared in front of the camera in guest and co-starring roles on primetime television shows NCIS, Criminal Minds and The Mentalist, among others.

Please feel free to say hello to David on Facebook at or join his fan club at

A.TindleAustin Tindle

Austin Tindle is a writer and actor living in Dallas, Texas. He was born in Orlando, Florida, raised in Austin, Texas and attended UTD on academic scholarship, where he almost became an Electrical Engineer. At 19 he was cast as Romeo and changed majors the same day. Maybe you’ve seen him on stage around Dallas at Kitchendog Theatre, WaterTower Theatre, Theatre Three, Stage West, Shakespeare Dallas, Project X, Second Thought Theatre, Nouveau 47, Upstart Theatre, and many others.  But he’s probably most well-known for his work with Funimation Studios, where he has voiced many characters including Ayumu Aikawa in “Is this a Zombie?”, Accelerator in “A Certain Magical Index”, Shu Ouma in “Guilty Crown”, Marco Bodt in “Attack on Titan”, Karma in “Assassination Classroom”, and Kaneki in “Tokyo Ghoul”. And Austin has been a proud member of the Couchsurfing community since 2011. He just really loves couches.

ItsRainingNeonIt’s Raining Neon

“Its Raining Neon, also known as DeAnna Davis is an international cosplayer and entertainer. Well known online for her short videos, as well as her vast number of hand crafted costumes of video game, comic ,and anime characters. Over the years she has tackled many fields of interest as a cosplayer, makeup artist, model, stylist, animator, illustrator ,photographer , costume designer and prop work fabricator, winning many awards and striving to keep learning.  Her passion is to bring to life things that are inanimate.  DeAnna is looking forward to meeting you all at Katsucon 2016!”



DestinyDestiny Nickelsen

Destiny is a world renowned cosplayer well-known for her attention to detail and accuracy. She was raised on classic sci-fi movies, anime, and fantasy, and has been gaming since she could hold a controller.

Her mother taught her how to sew at age six and she was instantly hooked, beginning a lifetime of costume building and crafting influenced by the things she loves most. She has been costuming at conventions since 2003, and has since made a name for herself in the community. She has been invited to conventions across the United States, Mexico, Europe and Canada. She has competed in craftsmanship contests and has won various awards at the master level. Destiny has made over 80 costumes to date! She makes all her own props, costumes, and accessories and aims for costume accuracy above all else. She hopes through her love of the craft, enthusiasm, and hard work, she will inspire and be a good role model to others

She loves the challenges that cosplay presents, and the skills it requires, and feels that with each new costume she grows as an artist. In her spare time, if she isn’t gaming, Destiny loves to cook and bake; food is one of her passions. She is also a huge animal lover and enjoys caring for her cats, dog, and various reptiles.

Kevin-McKeeverKevin McKeever

A graduate of the lighting design program from Emerson College, Kevin has been working in the entertainment industry for nearly 15 years. He has worked in theater production at world class venues such as the Goodspeed Opera House, the Emerson Majestic Theater, Foxwoods Casino, and the Mohegan Sun Resort which he helped open in 1996.

His television production credits include Jackass, Kids Say the Darnedest Things, Guinness Book of World Records, Krypton Factor,, The 60’s as well as various television commercials. His film credits include Mystery Men, For Love of the Game, and Billy Frankenstein. Kevin has also served as Assistant VP of Production for feature film producer and New York Times best-selling author Lynda Obst.

Kevin’s first official assignment in the Robotech universe was as an audit of Robotech’s television ratings and viewer demographics during its original run in the 1980s. Kevin’s analysis of the ratings in a cost effective manner along with his years of production experience made him a natural candidate for the Robotech team.



Steve.-YunSteve Yun

While still a young college student and part-time hacker in 1998, Steve got his first job at an anime company as a digital animator. It was a dream come true for any fan who grew up on Robotech and Macross to be working somewhere in the anime industry. After slaving away through 80 hour work weeks and one really bad 100 hour work week where he started hallucinating from being awake too long, Steve called it quits and went back to Riverside where he got his B.A. in Creative Writing. Stay in school, kids!  Fresh out of college and eager to work in the anime industry again, Steve joined Harmony Gold to build the website, and has since co-produced and associate-produced several other projects as well, including the Macross restoration, the Robotech:Battlecry video game, the Robotech: Invasion video game, Robotech Remastered and Robotech: The Shadow Chronicles. Steve has also been featured in an anime documentary called Geeks, which he has still not had a chance to see.

Kyle-HebertKyle Hebert

Kyle Hebert is a Los Angeles-based anime and video game voice actor whose credits include Wreck-It Ralph/Street Fighter (Ryu), Naruto (Kiba), Bleach (Aizen, Ganju), League of Legends (Ezreal, Jarvan, and Graves) and Gurren Lagann (Kamina). He is best known as the Narrator and Teen Gohan from the Funimation dub of Dragonball Z. Other fan faves include Blue Exorcist (Bon Suguro), Fire Emblem Awakening (Frederick, Validar), Fullmetal Alchemist (Vato Falman), Tales of Symphonia (Richter Abend) and Star Ocean (Dias, Arumat, Crow). Kyle can also be heard in numerous popular shows and games, such as Pokemon (Professor Oak in “Origins”), Digimon (Ballistamon and Dorulumon in “Fusion”), Sonic (Big the Cat in “Colors”), Final Fantasy (Nimbus in “Type-0”), World of Warcraft (Algalon the Observer in “Lich King”, Skylanders, Devil May Cry, Dynasty Warriors, Soul Calibur and Resident Evil. He is also the voice of filmmaker, Kevin Smith’s Smodco Internet Radio and cohosts “The Big Bald Broadcast” geek news podcast for that network. For more info, visit

Jamie-MarchiJamie Marchi

With  well  over  200  characters  and  commercials  under  her  belt,  Jamie  Marchi  is  widely  known  for  her  video  game  and  anime  characters.  She’s  the  voice  of  large  and  in  charge  Ellie  from  Borderlands  II,  The  Witchblade  (Masane  Amaha)  from  Witchblade,  and  the  loveably  filthy  Panty  from  Panty  and  Stocking  with  Garterbelt.    A  few  of  her  video  game  credits  are  from  Smite  (Freya),  Borderlands  II  (Aubrey Callahan  III),  The  Walking  Dead:  Survival  Instinct  (Sheila,  Shelley),  and  Orcs  Must  Die  (Elemental  Weaver).    Some  of  Jamie’s  most  popular  anime  credits  are  from  Soul  Eater  (Liz),  Hetalia  (The Narrator),  Fairy  Tail  (Cana),  One  Piece  (Miss  Valentine  and  Cindry),  Deadman  Wonderland  (Karako),  Attack  on  Titan  (Anka),  Space  Dandy  (Yoko),  Sgt.  Frog  (Aki),  Claymore  (Helen),  Shin  Chan  (Miss  Polly),  Yu  Yu  Hakusho  (Juri),  Fruits  Basket (Motoko),  High  School  DxD  (Rias),  Burst  Angel  (Meg),  Black  Cat  (Rinslet),  Spice  and Wolf  (Chloe),  Rin  (Mimi),  Negima  (Haruna),  Ouran  (Chizuru),  Baka  and  Test (Shouko),  as  well  as  the  unforgettable  Mikako  Satsukitane  from  Heaven’s  Lost Property.

Jamie  is  also  known  for  writing  the  English  script  adaptations  for  Space  Dandy, Panty  and  Stocking  with  Garterbelt,  Hetalia,  Spice  and  Wolf,  Sgt.  Frog,  Yamada’s  First Time,  Baka  and  Test,  High  School  DxD,  Blood-­‐C,  Oh!  Edo  Rocket,  Tenchi  Muyo:  War  on  Geminar,  Strike  Witches,  and  Negima?!,  amongst  others.  She  directed  various  episodes  from  Hetalia,  Spice  and  Wolf,  Sgt.  Frog,  and  Negima?!.

In  her  spare  time,  Jamie  enjoys  theater,  80’s  music,  dancing,  cuddling  with  her  dogs,  spending  time  with  people  who  don’t  suck,  telling  ghost  stories,  anything  dark  beer  related,  making  fun  of  weirdoes  taking  long  walks  on  the  beach,  and  generally  just  being  a  redhead.  For  a  complete  list  of  Jamie’s  credits,  check  out  the  world  wide  web.  You  can  follow  her  on  twitter  at  @marchimark.

Jessica-NigriJessica Nigri

Jessica Nigri is an American cosplayer, promotional model, YouTuber, voice actress and fan convention interview correspondent. She has been cosplaying since 2009 and modeling since 2012, having served as an official spokes model for several video games and comic book series, including Lollipop Chainsaw, Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag, Borderlands The Pre-Sequel, KIller is Dead, Ninja Gaiden Z, and BattleBorn.

Jessica has also dabbled in voice acting playing the lead role in Super Sonico the Animation as, Super Sonico! She has also done voices in Rooster Teeths, RWBY along with some minor roles in Red vs. Blue.

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