Katsucon is proud to welcome back long-time partner and  vendor as an Industry Vendor this year!

Equilibrium U.S.G. (Urban Survival Gear) embodies the essence of balance that is essential to the urban lifestyle. The name “Equilibrium” originates from the balanced lifestyle and flow that its products represent.  Each system offers modularity, flexibility and functionality so you are not constricted.

EQ wants to be a part of your journey.  We strive to provide a modular experience by accessorizing you with the equipment needed to get you “From Here 2 There.” At the same time, there are the tangible products and then the higher level of thought behind them. Whether it’s the P.A.C. system, T.R.A.C. system, our upcoming B.L.O.C. system, or add-on accessories, the question is always, “What else can you do with it?” By answering this question, you will always find new ways to create uses for the products to fit your everyday lifestyle. This approach allows the system to better adapt to your various lifestyles versus you conforming to your gear. We will continue evolving our products and growing our business while maintaining our product’s uniqueness and high quality.

To meet the demands of our customers, in late 2011, we completed expansion project overseas. In conjunction, we formed a design, marketing and media team to begin launching our 2012 nationwide campaign entitled, “Equilibrium…Find Yours.”