Crash Space Rules


1. Space will be available starting Friday night. You must leave by 10 am Sunday Morning.

2. Space is available first come, first served.

3. Sign up for Crash Space will be at 7pm Friday and Saturday night for those who worked during the day. Access Friday and Saturday nights will start at 10 pm to Midnight. People who did overnight shifts will be let in the crash space from 12 noon to 7pm to sleep.

a. All luggage will be allowed to stay in crash space for the day. However you must have all the items you need for the when you leave. Those only using crash space for one night will need to be at sign ups to pick up their things.

b. Any luggage not claimed by the next crash space night will be brought to Volunteers and will be turned over to the Gaylord Hotel at end of con if not picked up. Please see our Lost and Found policy for more information.

4. Volunteers 18 years and older may use crash space.

5. No Alcohol or Drugs of any kind is allowed in the crash space.

5a. Those Volunteers who are drinking will not be allowed to use or enter the crash space.

6. No parties will be tolerated in the space.

7. Doors to crash space will be closed at all times.

8. Crash Space is not co-ed.

9. The Space is for sleeping only. No hanging out.

10. Anyone using the Crash Space will be required to work at least 15 hours total as a Volunteer with a minimum of 8 hours per day that you plan to use the crash space.

11. Abuse of Crash Space will be handled by the Volunteers Department Head, Attendee Services Director and if necessary Convention Leadership.