Karaoke Assistant Department Head


Job Duties (include but not limited to the following):

  1. Will work with the Department Head and other Asst. Department Head(s) (if applicable) to plan, organize and communicate throughout the year with other departments to determine logistical, technical and planning needs for their events (before the convention)
  2. Will work in partnership with Senior convention leadership, Treasury, Logistics, Stage Management and Technical Ops (Event Engineering and Mobile Tech) teams to determine logistical and technical equipment needs of the events that the team will be planning to hold in the Main Events and Live Rooms
  3. Will work in partnership with Department Head & Live Programming Operations to organize event schedule and setup needs of the events that the team will
    be planning to hold events in the Main Events and Live Rooms
  4. Will work in partnership with Division Head, Deputy Division Head and Department Head to evaluate the execution of events and event planning in the Main Events and Live Rooms, as well as determine if changes, modifications or enhancements to programming or planning are necessary.
  5. Will be responsible for the recruiting, training and ongoing development of all members of the team.
  6. Work with the Department Head and other Assistant Department Head(s) (if applicable) to identify areas of opportunity for additional skill building and training, as well as partner with team members to identify other learning opportunities
  7. During the convention, the Assistant Department Head will function as the secondary leader of the event, team activities, schedule and members in and of the event.
  8. Maintain all local, state and Federal safety guidelines for public events, as well as insure that all team members, technical staff, patrons and performers are following these guidelines
  9. Will supervise all aspects of their events including time the length of time that each takes, note any concerns or problems, compare time results and info with team members data if a Department Head or another Assistant Department Head is not available. This information is to be gathered for each event and each day, compiled into a report after the convention is over and reported to the Deputy Division Head and Division Head of Programming (via email).
  10. Will partner with Department Head to evaluate the effectiveness of event planning for each individual event and highlight areas of opportunity for improvement, note if the program(s) start and ended on time (or if they did not)
  11. Provide regular reports throughout the year to Programming Division Head and leadership upon request.
  12. Will partner with Department Head to create, maintain and manage contests and contest rules in partnership with convention leadership (Division Head and Chairs) according to corporate and convention policies and guidelines.
  13. Will partner with the Department Head and be responsible for determining, developing and monitoring the team’s budget and resources (physical inventory, assets, software, records, staff lists, event data, etc) as well as determining what modifications or adjustments are necessary in partnership with the Division Head, convention leadership and Treasury.
  14. Other duties as assigned


-must have prior leadership, customer service and training experience

-must have experience with using computer based equipment (PC, Mac, tablet computing devices, smartphones, etc), converting music files submitted by contestants to formats that can be used by technical staff, etc.

-must be able to review submissions by contestants to determine if content meets the convention standards for age appropriateness, family friendly viewing and/or require placement in 18+ content events.

-must be able to attend individual and team meetings through out the year via phone, Skype and convention “all hands” meetings such as the “Crash Meeting” and “Dead Dog Meeting”.

-must be able to attend Katsucon convention on all required days of the convention

-must be able to communicate with team members, department head, Division Head and convention leadership on a consistent, ongoing basis. (including being reachable by phone, email, text or online especially in emergencies throughout the year. This includes before and after the Katsucon convention.)

-must be willing to follow all Katsucon business and Human Resources policies including business ethics, harassment, intellectual property, confidentiality, legal and communications guidelines.

If you’re interested in applying or would like to inquire about further details, click here to fill out the survey. Send questions regarding application to  [email protected].