Panel Reimbursement Policy


Katsucon 2017 Panelist Reimbursement Policy  

The following criteria must be met in order to receive a reimbursement:

  • A Panel must be accepted, once panels are accepted Panelists must pre-register and pay for a Panelist badge and have received an order number or registration confirmation number.
  • Reimbursements will be given when one of the following criteria has been met:
  • Any Panelist who does a minimum of three (3) hours of panels will be entitled to a 100% reimbursement.
  • Any Panelist with two (2) or more hours of panels will be entitled to a 50% reimbursement.

Other types of badges including VIP, Press, Artist Alley, Exhibits and Merchant badges are separate and these badges offer different types of access and benefits and MUST be purchased in addition to purchasing a Panelist badge in order to receive the benefits the different badge type offers.  This means that for some individuals they may have to purchase multiple types of badges for the convention. These other badges DO NOT qualify for the Panelist Reimbursement policy, only the Panelist badge that was purchased may qualify for reimbursement.

Once the convention has ended any Panelist who is eligible to receive a reimbursement will be required to submit a Panel Reimbursement Request Form.

Please have the following information available when applying for the reimbursement:

  1. Name of Person Submitting the form
  2. Name Registered Under (the person who purchase the Panelist Badge, if different that the person submitting the form)
  3. Type of Panelist (Lead or Co)
  4. Expected percentage to be reimbursed
  5. Number of Paneling Hours performed
  6. Order Number/Registration Confirmation #
  7. Date of Purchase
  8. Amount Paid
  9. Mailing address
  10. Phone number
  11. Email address

The Panel Reimbursement Request Form will be posted online as soon as possible after Katsucon 2017 has ended.  The form should be posted as soon as possible after the convention.  Once it is posted the form will be open for approximately 30 calendar days.  The deadline for submission will be posted at the same time as the form.  All panelists who wish to be considered for a reimbursement MUST apply for the reimbursement on or before the posted deadline.

Reimbursements will be issued by a refund to the account that was used to purchase the Panelist Badge.  Reimbursements will begin to be processed after the reimbursement form submission has closed and should be completed no later than 90-120 days after the end of the convention. Please note this is the time frame that reimbursements will be disbursed, you may receive the reimbursement after this time frame.

Panel Reimbursement Policy FAQ

How many panels/hours do I have to do to be reimbursed 100%?
Answer:  In order to receive 100% reimbursement you must be a Panelist for at least three (3) hours worth of panels.

How many panels/hours do I have to do to be reimbursed 50%?
Answer:  In order to receive 50% reimbursement you must be a Panelist for at least two (2) hours worth of panels.

Does having an overnight panel grant me any other benefits?
Answer:  There is no additional benefit to offering a panel overnight (between 12:00 am – 5:00 am).  Choosing to hold a Panel at this time is at your discretion, however, offering an overnight panel will leave you free to attend other convention events during the daytime.

How soon can I start filling out the reimbursement form?
Answer:  Live Programming will try to post the reimbursement request form as soon as possible after the convention.

Where is the form for panelist reimbursement?
Answer:  The link to the form will be posted on the website as soon as it is available after the convention has ended.  Live Programming will also email all panelists after the convention to announce that this form has been posted and will advertise it on our various social media outlets.