Cosplay Meet-up Coordination FAQs


Katsucon Cosplay Meet-up Coordination
Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is Meet-Up Coordination? 
A. Meet-Up Coordination was established to help coordinate large group photos in the Gaylord’s most popular areas and prove performance space for dance groups. By reserving with Katsucon, you are guaranteed the space and time slot for your group with the Meet-Up Team’s presence to maintain order and assist you if needed. 

Q. What locations are the Meet-Up in?
A. Information on locations will be posted as soon as it is available.

Q. Are there group size restrictions for each Meet-Up location?
A. Each location does have a minimum: 50+ = Fountain, 30-50 = Gazebo, 30 of fewer = End of Potomac Hallway (past the Autographs lines). These numbers are approximate based on your expectations. If your group is significantly smaller, we may cut your time slot short.

Q. Are there group size restrictions for each Meet-Up location? 
A. Each location does have a minimum: 50+ = Fountain, 30-50 = Gazebo, and 15-30 = Balcony Right. These numbers are approximate based on your expectations. If your group is significantly smaller, we may cut your time slot short. 

Q. What days and times can I request a Meet-Up? 
A. Information on available dates and times will be available soon.

Q. How long are the time slots? 
A. We currently have the option for 30-minute time slots. If you are applying for an 80+ group and think you may need longer, please email us after submitting your application and we can allot an hour time slot. Remember that your time slot includes 5 minutes for finishing/clearing at the end. 

Q. When do Meet-Up applications close? 
A. They’re not even open yet!

Q. How do I apply for my Meet-Up? 
A. Keep an eye on social media for the updated link to Meet-up Applications. Our Meet-up page will be updated once applications are open. 

Q. Can I apply for more than one Meet-Up? 
A. Yes, you can! However, please know that if you do apply for multiple fandom Meet-Ups only ONE will be approved. When applying, please indicate which Meet-Up you would like prioritized in the Comments section of the application. 

If you are a part of an organizer group, please ensure that a different member of your group is the primary contact for on your applications to each fandom Meet-Up you are applying for. 

Q. Will there be more than one Meet-Up per fandom? 
A. Due to an influx of requests, we are generally only scheduling one Meet-Up per fandom. If additional times become available, we may contact you. 

Q. I would like to take a few photos in front of the Gazebo and only expect to take a few minutes. Will I be allowed? 
A. We will host an open period for the Gazebo each day. We will have a line up for small groups or individuals to snap a few photos. The line will start about 15 minutes prior to the open period. We will announce the open period with the schedule of photoshoots, so stay tuned! 

Q. I am a part of an idol group and we would like to perform. Is this allowed? 
A. Yes! We have opened a performance space (Dance Group Lounge) in the Cherry Blossom Ballroom for idol groups to perform. 

Q. How do I apply for the Dance Group Lounge? 
A. Keep an eye on social media for updates related to Dance Group Lounge Applications. 

Q. My Meet-Up application was approved. As the organizer, is there anything I need to prepare? 
A. The main request we ask is for everyone to show up organized with their shot list and group ready to go. This is especially important with the larger groups and we recommend preparing a timed shot list. We request a copy of your shot list so we may assist you if you have a large group. 

Q. My Meet-Up application was not approved. Why? 
A. We know it’s a bummer but your application could have been rejected for any of the following reasons: 
• The requested fandom has already been added by another organizer 
• The time slot requested is not available 
• The location requested is not available 
• An organizer has already been approved for one Meet-Up. 

An email will be sent to applicants with the reason of rejection. Just because we were unable to accommodate you does not mean your meet-up cannot happen; only that it cannot take place in Katsucon Meet-Up designated locations. 

Q. I don’t have a Meet-Up officially scheduled with Katsucon. Can I still take my group pictures in the Meet-Up locations? 
A. During Meet-Up hours, our locations will be reserved for those with approved applications. You are more than welcome to use the Gazebo and the Fountain before and after our scheduled hours each day. There are also plenty of other picturesque areas with the Gaylord to choose from! 

Q. I have a question regarding Meet-Ups. Who do I contact? 
A. Please contact us at [email protected] and one of us will get back to you as soon as we can. 

Q. Where can the Meet-Up Coordination Team be found during the convention? 
A. At the end of the rainbow! Look for the pot of gold.