Katsucon 2023 Super Idol Show


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Katsucon 2023 Super Idol Show Rules

“Get together a team of your best friends for Katsucon’s first Idol contest. This contest is open to all idol groups from anime, cosplay, and original idols. This is a dance contest for you to show off what your group has and compete against other idol groups for the chance to be crowned as Katsu Idol. ”

  1. Entrants must be registered to attend Katsucon. This includes all members of the group. Group leaders should verify that all members have registered for Katsucon prior to registering their group. 
  2. All entrants are to adhere to the Katsucon COVID Policy, including the wearing of masks at all times while attending Katsucon. Therefore, you must wear your mask with your costume. 
  3. This is a family friendly event; therefore, all performances and costumes will be kept to a PG-13 level. No explicit gestures, nudity, swearing/cursing. Participants are expected to behave onstage and backstage in an appropriate manner. 
  4. All costumes and props are subject to the Katsucon Convention policies. 
  5. Anything you bring on stage with you must come off with you. No toilet paper, tissue, rice, water, fireworks, pyrotechnics, or any fire in general isn’t allowed. Respect the stage and leave it clean. 
  6. Make sure that props are appropriate for your performance and can be managed on stage safely. 
  7. Each participant can only be in one group. You cannot participate in multiple groups. 
  8. Each group is limited to 10 people. 
  9. Failure to report to sign in is grounds for cancellation of your performance. Being late or not showing up throws everyone else off schedule so do not take this lightly. 
  10. The Katsucon Idol Head has final say in all situations and disputes related to your performance.
  11. Stay in the designated area to which you are assigned. Anyone found loitering in areas that are off limits will be subject to dismissal from the event. Severe violations may result in the immediate removal from the convention.  
  12. Stage acrobatics: Because the stage is portable, it cannot take heavy abuse. Acrobatics or martial arts are not permitted.  
  13. Please submit audio in .mp3 format only. An e-mail will go out to all groups who pre-register for the event to turn in your audio.  
  14. Tell us in advance of anything unique you have planned for your presentation. We will do our best to accommodate your request but are limited in what we can do and allow. The more we know ahead of time, the more we can work with you. 
  15. Time Limits:
    1-5 participants: 2 minutes
    6-10 participants: 2:30 
  16. Violating any Idol or Convention rules will disqualify you. Severe violations may result in the immediate removal from the convention.

Idol Registration:  

  1. Registration opens for Katsu Idol on Friday, November 18th at 12:00pm and will close Saturday December 17th at 11:59pm. A link for submission will appear at the top of this page and will not be activated until the given time. 
  2. When the submission form is live, only one person in a group needs to fill out the form.

Idol Check In:  

  1. The group leader of a pre-registered group must check in at the information booth on the Prince George Exhibition level during check-in times. It is to confirm you are present, and to make sure all your information is correct. Failure to show up during this time means your entry may be dropped. 
  2. Should you need to cancel your entry, please inform the Katsucon Idol Head as soon as possible. We completely understand last minute issues, nerves, etc., 
  3.  Audio MUST be delivered at this time if it was not already turned in.  


  Awards are broken down to these categories-

  • Katsu’s Super Idol (Best of Show) 
  • Best Original Idol 
  • Best Anime Cosplay Idol 
  • 3 Judges Awards