Maid Café

maid-cafe-1The Cherry Tea Maid Cafe is one of Katsucon’s otherworld experience to transport you into the setting of an authentic Japanese maid cafe. Our Maids and Butlers graciously await to serve you at the cafe when you arrive. There are several different personalities amongst our maids and butlers, all wanting to serve you with ‘kawaii’ and ‘moe’ that will lead you feel like you are in Japan.

For 45 minutes, our Maids and Butlers will serve you from our new menu of delicious offerings, and will play a game with you. We will also have different souvenirs for purchase with all proceeds going to charity. We hope to give you a pleasant experience that will have you squeal from all the cuteness surrounding you.

The Cherry Tea Maid Cafe began in 2008 and has since been one of the “must see” events at Katsucon. The location of the cafe is TBD and reservations will follow shortly after. We can’t wait to see all our Masters and Mademoiselles there!