Thank you for another amazing Katsucon

Greetings Scientists!!!

I would like to take this time to thank all of you for coming to Katsucon 2017. It was extremely successful and all the “test subjects” have returned to their “natural habitats” and we, as scientists, prepare for the next year. Seriously though, I really would like to thank all our Guests, JCI Teachers, Artists, Panelists, Merchants, and our vendors, clients, the hotel and convention center, our staff, and especially all of our attendees for making this an awesome convention year. I will have a AMA Reddit soon, so you can tell me all about your experiences and things we can do to make the next Katsucon the best one yet. Take care, be safe, and see you at Katsucon 2018!!

Very Respectfully,

Christian Savage
Convention Chairman
Katsucon 2017
[email protected]

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