Tabletop Gaming – Yugioh Tournament!

Yugioh Tournament

Ladies and Gentlemen! This is the tournament to sway the pendulum of your very soul!

Come and join us for a fun and competitive event to test your duelist skills against the best duelists Katsucon has to offer!

Winner of the tournament will receive free entry into Katsucon 2018. Although this is not an official Konami event, this tournament will be held under the most recent TCG Advanced Format banlist and will be Double Elimination.

Tournament sign-up will begin at 12:00pm and we will start at 1:00pm on Friday and Saturday: first come, first served. Once a winner has been declared, that winner will not be able to participate for a prize again during the weekend.

Further rules and regulations will be discussed at the time of the tournament.

Go to the Tabletop Gaming page for full info on room scheduling.