Lodestar is the human embodiment of Jenna Maroney, a true DigiDestined, and was born under the inscrutable star sign Ophiuchus. In his free time, he holds a lifelong dedication to media

literacy, intersectional-advocacy, and making life as fun as can be. He has a variety of passions across all geek fandoms such as video games (with a specialization in JRPG’s), TTRPGs, cosplay, writing, anime, comics/manga, pop culture, witchcraft, and more. Part of his professional competencies is keeping up with the latest interest with the populations he works with. Lodestar has earned a Master’s of Education in Counselor Education, a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology, and two minors in Dance and English; specializing in Fiction Writing. Lodestar is also a professional show designer and choreographer for competitive color guards and winterguards around the country.

Follow him on, instagram @lodestarslagoon Reframe can be found at or @reframecons on Twitter

Photo credit to Munchkin Photos, @munchkin_photos_by_heather on Instagram