Greg Phillips Miniatures

Art is communication. At Greg Phillips Miniatures, that transmission is sent with a radio static burn, turned up to eleven. I dream big, because Sky is no Longer Limit.

Greg Phillips Miniatures is more than just models. It’s a brand. It’s a certain flavor of what science fiction looks like. It’s dystopian colors, mixed with subtle nods to the great science fiction stories that came before us. It’s epic battles fought in space at point blank range. It’s war’s thousand yard stare set to the color of dead television sky. It’s a mixture of satire, world history, cyberpunk, tech noir, and good ‘ole fashioned blood and guts. When you see a piece of art created by me, there will be no doubt it’s mine.

Greg is the Executive Creative Director of Greg Phillips Miniatures. He’s been building, modeling, painting, and sculpting scale models the majority of his life. His work spans from acrylic paints, electronics and design, and into game programming. When he doesn’t have an airbrush or hobby knife in hand, you can find him fastened into a drop pod, plunging into the atmosphere of a planet gone rogue. Heretics beware.