ELLYN began acting at the age of 12.  She is a classically trained actress known for both her dramatic and comedic roles. Her career spans from film to television to stage. Her voice acting career started 30 years ago.

Ellyn is both a director and actress.   Among the animated projects she has directed are:  Samurai X, Jade Cocoon, Super Magnetic Neo, Aerowings 1 and 2, Galerians.

Ellyn’s live action directorial films are: Star Wars Episode lV- A New Hope (dubbed into the Navajo language) , Farewell My Queen, Delicacy, to name a few recent ones. See for more complete list.                                   

Her career in anime began with the original ‘Robotech’ series- in which she played several characters. 

Most recently she can be heard as Rosario in ‘Wrinkles, Martha in True Crimes, Hong Kong, Gundaham Unicorn,‘Yu’s Mom’ in ‘Noein’ ,‘Jack’s Mom’ in Mar, and Ichigo’s mom, Masaki Kurosaki in Bleach. She voiced ‘Haraway’ in ‘Ghost in the Shell 2-Innocence’.   She played ‘Rosalind’ in ‘Armitage III’, ‘Himeno’ in ‘Fight!! Spirit of the Sword’, ‘Sayaka’ in ‘Mental Fighter Miku’, ‘Moru’ in ‘ Vampire Princess Miyu’ ‘Hiroshi’s Mom’ in “Zenki’,‘Zentrix’,  ‘Mini Pato’, ‘Digimon’, ‘Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo’, Samurai X, ‘Parome’ in ‘Genma Wars’, numerous  roles in ‘Mobile Suit Gundam-The Movie Trilogy’, ‘Bushido Blade 2’,  ‘Lupin the 3rd’, ‘Patlabor 3’,  and  ‘Fighting Spirit’, Abby, and Inherit the Wind, to name just a few.   

You’ve heard her on ‘Shadow Hearts II’ as Veronica Vera and other characters.                                                             

Other cartoons include Rosalind in “Wings of Honnesmise”, ‘Samurai X’. all the female characters in ‘The Little Punk’, Honey Bee Hutch’, ‘Wisdom of the Gnomes’, ‘Macross I, II, III’, Aunt Polly in Tom Sawyer, the cunning frog in Captain Schnauzer’, Gigi’ and many others.

She has voiced lead voices in many live action feature films that have been adapted into English including Academy Award winners ‘Cinema Paradiso’, ‘Belle Epoque’, ‘Eat, Drink, Man, Woman’, ‘Kika’, ‘Mostly Martha’,‘Women on the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown’, ‘Fencing Master’, ‘Widow of St. Pierre’, ‘Amores Perros’, ‘Mission Kashmir’, ‘Iron Monkey’, ‘The Emperor and the Assassin’, ‘Onmyoji-Ying-Yang Masters’, ‘Le Femme Nikita’,‘Tae Guk Gi’, ‘Babbette’s Feast’ and ‘Shiri’, to name a few.

Current work on camera:
MILK AND HONEY (series) series regular with Debbie Allen and Idris Elba.  Trailer :
BLOOD ON CANVAS, feature, lead…coming out later this year.

On camera, her past films include:
Eldad / co star
The Other Way/ co-star
‘Jessie’s Girls’ (lead)
‘Duchess and The Dirtwater Fox’ (co-star)
‘Fatal Charm’ (co-star
‘Prisoner in the Middle’ aka ‘Warhead’ (co-star) 

A few of her television shows include, ‘American Carrott’, ‘Charlie’s Angels’, and recurring characters on ‘General Hospital’,
‘Santa Barbara’ and ‘Days Of Our Lives’.

Ellyn’s recent plays: EXIT THE KING/ Queen Marguerite, APPLE/ Evelyn, MRS. WARREN’’S PROFESSION/ Mrs..Warren

Ellyn is also a children’s book writer.

For a more complete look at Ellyn’s work, go to or Ellyn [email protected]