David Jacobs
Model Exposition Guest

David Jacobs was born & raised in Charlotte, NC where he still lives with his wife and family. David is no stranger to redesigning, painting, sculpting, molding, casting or anything else to do with model building on any project. David started at the young age of seven building models. By the age of eight, David built his first scratch-built model. David’s passion for model building sparked from his talented mother whom was also a sculptor for many years. David has the most impressive scratch-built spacecrafts from a 1975 television program called Space:1999. David accomplished a scratch built 44″ Eagle (Winner at Wonderfest 2017), as well as a studio scale size “The Swift” (Winner 1st place at Wonderfest 2018). David not only won in the competition, but he got recognized by 2018 Modeling Magazine for the scratch build “The Swift”. David’s newest model is a studio scale, scratch-built model “The Altares”.David’s desire & enthusiasm towards model building is nothing short of talent and a gift to share with others. David is an artist that works hard to build models that speak to both him and to others that exists in the world of science-fiction. David does capture the design and details of every model. David background also includes electrical & mechanical engineering.