Team Chisuji
Web Comics/ Artists

Original Artist – Code Name: Leo “The BitMonkey” Saunders

Occupation: “Systemized Organic War Machine”………and part-time hack artist

Current Mission: Finding his attention span long enough to complete art work

Like most children born in the 70’s, Leo Saunders was one of many European experimental government attempts at creating a new breed of soldier…They failed miserably! What was produced however was a towering inhumanly strong man-child with an odd fixation with the drawing and animated mediums of this thing most people call “ART”.

A nineteen year veteran of East Coast Anime, Comic, and SciFi conventions, Leo Saunders has seen a lot, and a good portion of it he wishes he could unsee. However, that has not quelled in the slightest his love and admiration for all things animated, nerdy, geeky and just plain weird.  His very first convention, and the one has always returned to year after year, was Katsucon,  beginning  with Katsucon 3. At the time, he never thought it would become a bit of an obsession.

Leo Saunders has always had a love for art and, one of these days by his own account, will make it his one and only job.  An avid student of the arts and self -proclaimed ‘hack of a cartoonist’, he tends to dip his hands into anything and everything in the media of illustration.  In lieu have having his dream job of sitting at home and drawing all day, he more than gladly settles for the continuing adventure that has been convention season and returning to Katsucon, now one of the old fogies that he used to make fun of. Karma is a cruel mistress.


Original Writer / Creator – Code Name: Eirik Blackwolf

Occupation: “Weekend Warrior” ….and sometimes jaded writer

Current Mission: Trying to ride herd on himself and an art team to get stuff done!

Born in the wilds of L.A. (the part of Florida called ‘lower Alabama” by some) and barely escaping the roving gangs of wild homoredneckus, he travelled to Europe with the U.S. Military in 1985 to live the life of excitement and adventure for 10 years abroad where he honed his writing skills by finding clever ways to trick his superiors into believing he actually did something useful. It wasn’t until his return to the States in 1997 that he encountered Leo at a convention where the collaboration of Chisuji was formed by persuading the prankish artist to play as Johnnie Cochran in a cosplay where the Chewbacca defense was used in order for Kagato to legally sue to have possession of the Master Key. And so from there, the ideas for the webcomic were formed, bringing the two together on many trials and tribulations to this day…