Aeri Crane
JCI Presenter - Culture Researcher

Aeri Crane started their early anime life with VHS tapes, gameboy, and 6 a.m. Pokemon before they began working at conventions. They went on to receive a bachelor’s degree in Japanese Studies and work in Japan. While conducting research around the world, Aeri found that Japanese media and pop culture had a strong presence that connected people and communities. Once back in DC, they earned a master’s degree in international education and intercultural communication, while working with numerous Japanese organizations and managing over seventy educational and exchange programs. During this time, they produced research on how Japanese pop culture impacted people around the globe, including learning practices, formation of identities, and social behavior.

Their next step was graduate and PhD work in media science, which is where you’ll find them now. Aeri is a media and pop culture researcher, bringing panels to Katsucon featuring the intersectionality of their favorite topics: Japan, LGBTQ studies, fandom, social behavior, pop culture, and media. They’re currently working on a new fandom book series, a larger pop culture research project, and speaking at academic panels around the country. You can find Aeri yelling about media and research at panels, twitter, or on