Lost and Found


We know that sometimes, no matter how hard we try, things get left behind; at Katsucon we’re lucky enough to have wonderful people (you!) that routinely find these things and want to do everything possible to reunite these lost items with their rightful owners. Lost and found will be available at Katsucon Security (in the Prince George’s Coat Check on the Exhibition Hall level) for people to drop off and pick up lost items so if you’re missing something, come check with us (don’t forget to check with the Gaylord, too, just in case).

Please bear in mind that Katsucon (and the Gaylord) are not responsible for missing items. Any item that is deemed potentially unsafe may be turned over to the police.

Please note: At the end of the convention, all outerwear will be turned over to the Gaylord’s lost and found so that people have a greater chance of recovering it before leaving the hotel (in February weather).

If you lost an item at Katsucon 21 (or have a found item you’d like to help return to it’s owner) and you didn’t find it/have a chance to drop it off before the convention ended, please contact Security with the subject line “Lost and Found.” If we have your lost item we will happily make arrangements to return it to you.