Attendee Service Program


Katsucon’s staff and volunteers throughout the convention are here to help the convention run smoothly so that attendees enjoy themselves. After all, if it weren’t for you guys, we’d all have to find something else to do on President’s Day weekend! If you have any questions or problems, please don’t hesitate to ask one of our volunteers or staffers for assistance, they will be wearing a badge that says either "Volunteer," "Department Head," "Staff," "Security," or "Chair."

However, sometimes further assistance is needed. Katsucon has initiated an attendee service team available throughout the convention 24 hours a day to assist attendees if they do not understand a policy or procedure that is being enforced by a Katsucon staffer or volunteer, or if they are uncomfortable with how a Katsucon staffer or volunteer is treating them. If this is happening to you, immediately tell the staffer or volunteer to "Page-A-Chair!" and that staffer or volunteer will immediately call a Page-A-Chair request on the radio, and one of the dedicated members of the attendee service team will be at your location within the convention space to assist you within 5 minutes. If the staffer or volunteer does not have a radio, they may ask you to come with them to the closest location with a radio, please go with them, and the service member will respond to that location. The Page-A-Chair team member will then mediate the situation between the staff/volunteer and the attendee and ensure that Katsucon policies are being followed all around. If for some reason the staffer or volunteer does not stay in the situation after the attendee has called "Page-A-Chair!" we ask that attendee let us know as soon as possible so we can locate that staffer.