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Katsucon 2019 J-Fashion Showcase

We’re pleased to announce that there will be two different fashion showcases available this year! Katsucon 2019 will feature two J-Fashion showcases to show off more designers and more variation. There will be a “Ready-to-Wear” showcase on Friday evening and “High Fashion” showcase Saturday evening. Designers from both will need to be available Saturday evening for a Q&A session.

What constitutes “Ready-to-Wear”?
Screen printed items, bulk-produced, and items that can translate to everyday fashion should take part in the Ready-to-Wear showcase.

What constitutes “High Fashion”?
Bespoke, one of a kind, limited edition, and over-the-top items should take part in the High Fashion showcase.

There may be some designers featured in both showcases. The ability to take a ready-to-wear garment and have it featured it in the High Fashion showcase will require some extra effort to really push it over the top and show the item(s) off as more couture.

If you want to apply be a designer for the Katsucon 2019 J-Fashion showcases, please fill out the follow application form.


  • Designers will be required to find/supply their own models.
  • Models must provide their own badges.
  • Designers will need to be available for a Q&A session on Saturday night.
  • Designers will need to adhere to the deadline schedule to be involved in the shows.

DESIGNERSClick this link to apply. 

MODELS – Interested in modeling?
If you want to submit an interest in being a model, please fill out the form below and provide contact information. Katsucon will provide the contact information submitted on this form to the designers who are selected for the fashion showcases. The DESIGNERS will contact models directly.

J-Fashion Model Intent of Interest, click this link to submit contact information. 


  • September 1st – Applications due
  • October 21st
    • Forward copy of Logo [The J-Fashion coordinator will reach out to you in response to your application prior to this deadline]
    • Brand Description
    • Final Confirmation of attendance
  • January 31, 2019
    • Registration
    • A copy of your music
    • Finalized list of models – Name & Email
    • Finalized list of looks
    • Finalized copy of music

Schedule for Katsucon 2019*
* Times subject to change before the convention, any changes will be communicated directly with applicants.

Friday, February 15th
8:00 pm – 9:30 pm
J-Fashion Showcase “Ready-to-Wear” Casual
Workshop 1 (MD 1/2/3)

9:00 pm – 10:30 pm
J-Fashion Rehearsal for Saturday’s J-Fashion Showcase Maryland 6 (Live Greenroom)

Saturday, February 16th
8:00 pm – 10:00 pm
J-Fashion Showcase “High Fashion”
Designers and models participating enter through Maryland 6 (Live Greenroom)

10:30 pm – 11:30 pm
J-Fashion Designer Q&A
Live 4 (MD 4/5)