Panel and Workshop Application Process



Please make sure to review the information for Panelist Registration before submitting an application to make sure you understand the process for getting a badge to the convention if you are applying to run a panel or workshop.  The following information applies to the application process: 

Application Deadlines: 

  • Applications close on September 30th, 2021 
  • Estimated completion date for panel notifications:  December 15th, 2021   
  • Please be aware that the panel application review processes will take several weeks after the September 30th deadline.  All applicants will receive a response on or before the December 15th notification date. 

Panel Event Application Form 

Submit your Panel Event Application using the Live Programming Application – Katsucon 2022 

If you want to run a panel or workshop at Katsucon 2022, then you must submit an application in order to be considered.  The following rules apply to the panel event application process: 

  • The application form must be filled out in its entirety with legal names (first and last name) for ALL panelists anticipated to run the panel or event.  These names are used for the registration process.  Anyone who is not named in the application may not be able to qualify for the Panelist Badge.   
  • The Applicant is the person submitting the application and is considered the Lead Panelist.  A valid email address is required for the Lead Panelist.  They will receive a confirmation notice within seven (7) days after the application has been received.   
  • The Lead Panelist will be only the point of contact for the panel. It is the Lead Panelist’s responsibility to share information with the entire group.  The Lead Panelist should always be in contact with all others presenting or assisting with the panel.     
  • One application is for one panel, if you want to apply for multiple panels then you must submit a separate application form for each panel.    
  • Contact Live Programming to request any changes or updates after the application has been submitted.  
  • All panel event applications must be submitted by September 30th, 2021 by 11:59pm EDT.  Late applications will not be considered under any circumstance.  
  • Submit your panel event using the Live Programming Application – Katsucon 2022

General Rules for Panels 

Food in Panels 

Please note that food is NOT allowed to be served to attendees.  If a panel includes a food demonstration it would be limited to live preparation of food.  The Attendees cannot sample food; food is ONLY for demonstration purposes to comply with hotel rules and regulations.  NO chemicals of any kind will be permitted. 

Changes in dates and times for scheduled panels 

Dates and times are subject to change up until the convention.  If a panel is accepted, Live Programming may provide a tentative date and time, however we strongly suggest looking at the schedule in Guidebook once it goes live. 

Changes to named individuals presenting a panel 

Changes in names must be approved by Live Programming.  In the event any changes occur after submitting the panel then you must contact us directly for approval of any changes.   

Panelist Badges 

Panelists must have a Katsucon 2022 badge in order to run a panel for the convention.  If your panel is accepted, then you will qualify to receive a Panelist Badge for free.  There is a maximum of two (2) panelists for each panel that qualify to receive a Panelist Badge.   

Information for the Panel Application Process 

Panel Application Review Process 

  • Once panel submissions close at the end of August it generally takes a few weeks to review all panel submissions, schedule panels, and finalize information before Live Programming sends out Acceptance, Waitlist, and Denied notifications.   
  • If your panel is accepted the confirmation email may include the tentative time and date for your panel.  Note that dates and times are subject to change leading up to the convention. It is incumbent on the panelist to check Guidebook once it is released and confirm the final time of the panel. 
  • Every effort will be made to schedule panels as close to the requested time as possible. 

Panel Statuses 

  • Accepted – the panel will be included on the convention schedule and you qualify to receive a panelist badge. 
  • Denied – the panel was not accepted and will not be included in the convention. 
  • Waitlisted – the panel is currently in a pending status, meaning we are interested in hosting the panel at the convention but are not able to include it in the schedule at this time.  Waitlisted panels may be moved onto the schedule if other panels get cancelled.   

How do I get a Panelist Badge? 

Refer to the Panelist Badge and Registration Information page for more information. 

Other Useful Information 

Cultural or Educational Panels 

The Live Programming Department manages fan-based panels and workshops.  What if you are a professional instructor, teacher or are certified to teach a martial art?  If you want to run a cultural or educational event for the convention, then please contact the Japanese Cultural Institute (JCI).  You can contact the JCI Programming Department using this contact form

If you have any questions or concerns, please CONTACT US.

Submit your Panel Event Application using the Live Programming Application – Katsucon 2022 

NOTE this form will close on September 30th, 2021 at 11:59 PM EDT (Eastern Daylight Time).