Karaoke Open Mic


Katsucon’s Karaoke Open Mic 2019

Come show off your singing chops at our Open Mic nights and become the next con celebrity! Choose from over 25,000 songs to sing!

Have questions? Scroll through our list of frequently asked questions (FAQ) below to see if your question may be answered already. If your question is still not answered, feel free to email us at: [email protected]

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q1. Sounds great! How do I sign-up?

Sign-ups will take place on-site at the events.

Q2. What date and time is the event on?

Open Mic location and times changes from year to year, please check the official schedule for the most up-to-date information.

Q3. If there’s a particular song I want to sing, will it be available in your song library at the con?

Not necessarily. While our library has a wide selection and variety of songs, we cannot guarantee any one song’s availability. We do have a song request survey here. Kindly note that requesting a song does not guarantee it will be available on-site at the convention.

Q5. What’s the difference between the Open Mic (13+) and Open Mic (18+) events?

The format is the same for both open mic events. However, the 18+ Open Mic event will have an age-limit (18+) that will be strictly enforced due to the more mature themes and language of the songs available at the particular event. The 13+ event may include songs that were not rated Parental Advisory: Explicit by the RIAA, but may still include themes and language inappropriate for persons under the age of 13. Please exercise your own judgement when participating in our event.

For 2019 both Karaoke Open Mic sessions will be 18+ only, thank you for your understanding.

Q6. It’s my first time at open mic and I want to participate, but I’m nervous. Any advice you’d give me?

We suggest bringing some friends to cheer you on for moral support and to remind yourself that this event is meant to be fun, not to a competition! Our staff members are always available should you need extra support (or encouraging high-fives) at the event.

*We are unable to accept USB drives with backing instrumentals, thank you for your understanding