Hall Costume Contest Winners – 2020


A huge shout-out to all of the AMAZING entries into Katsucon 2020’s Costume Contest! Every year, you blow us away with outstanding works of craftsmanship, design, and ingenuity.

And now, for the winners:

Youth Division

Link in Shika Armor (Not pictured due to age)

Best Beginner

Kirin as Aiko Karen from Revue

Best Novice

Samantha as Shinobu Kocho

Best Journeyman

Denise as Haku from Spirited Away

Best Craftsman/Masters

Snowsong Cosplay as Lemon Cake

Best Of Weekend

Lauren and Annabel as Anne Lister and Ann Walker from Gentleman Jack

Judges Choice

Quick Sparrows Cosplay as Edelgard from Fire Emblem 3 Houses

Al as Asra from The Arcana

Nick as Alexander Hamilton from Hamilton The Musical

Honorable Mentions

Sarah as McCree from Overwatch

Katie as Rapunzel

Laura, Amanda, and Stephanie as Himari, Hibari and Hikari from Omamori Himari