Model Exposition – Judging



How a Model is Judged:

Most model contests are judged on a 1st, 2nd and 3rd system—the Katsucon contest is not!

The Open System: Every model entered is carefully scrutinized by the judges and judged on its own merit.

Katsucon judging is based on the open system. This means each and every model is judged on its own merit, based on our established criteria for gold, silver, bronze and certificates…not on a comparative scale with other models. There can be more than one of each type of award per category.

For example, if there are three models of equal merit in a category and the judges agree that all are gold material then all three models will be awarded golds. On the other hand if the judges feel there are no gold-caliber models in a category then none will be awarded. That goes for silver, bronze and certificates as well. There can be multiple awards or no awards given in a category depending on the judges’ discretion.

Katsucon feels the open system is fairer to modelers. In a large contest having single categories with more than 60 models, this frees the judges from being forced to recognize only three winners. Models entered in figure categories will be judged primarily on the figure alone even if displayed on a scenic base; models entered in the diorama category will be judged with emphasis on the entire scene. It is the modeler’s option to choose the category at the time of entering the contest.