We are excited to share the floorplan and details of Katsucon 2019 Merchants Hall. This year’s convention will offer attendees a wondrous and diverse variety of exhibitors offering an impressive array of the best merchandise, personalities, & services that we’ve ever seen gathered together in one place. 

Merchants Hall hours for attendees are: 

Friday 12 pm – 8 pm 

Saturday 10 am – 8 pm 

Sunday 10 am – 3 pm 

**Attendees with VIP badges will be permitted entry 30 minutes before the posted time each day. 

Merchant Location

168 Dragon Trading S6 S7 S8
2 Bros and a Bard R15
A Steampunked Life B4 B5
Alicia’s Anime F1 F2 F3
Anime Depot L13 L14 L15
Anime Gift B9 B10 B11 B12
Anime Magic Land K9 K10 K11
Anime Palace B1 B2 B3
Anime Pavilion O18 O19 P18 P19
Anime Remix O15 O16 O17
Anime Sekai I1 I2 J1 J2
Arda Wigs D9 D10
Arise Bazaar P7 P8
As You Wish Accessories L9
Asylum Anime O9 O10 O11 O12
Atlantis Games & Comics Q15 Q16 Q17
Belladonna C7 C8
Best Anime Shop G1 G2 H1 H2
Blonde Swan K16 K17
Boomslank N11 N12
Camp Anime M9 M10
Cartoon Passion E13 E14 F13 F14
Chicago Costume E12
Chrisinvicta Designs O7 O8
CloverPuff F6
CMD Graphics R3
Collectors Universe & Anime R4 R5 R6
Cordy’s Corner N18 N19 N20
Corset Punk F16 F17
Cosplay Moo Moo P9 P10 P11
Crimson Chain Leatherworks D1 D2 D3
CritSuccess Q4
CUT/SEW Patterns E4
Cutie Pie Kawaii K12
Dark Moon Cards and Games J19
Devil’s Bakery N2
Dice Dungeons C15
Doctor Gus Designs K2
Dragon Alley Jewelry F15
Dual Wield Studio J18
Electro Flash Media O20 P20
Elven Caravan, The R7 R8
Enchanted Shire P16 P17
Epic Cosplay Q5 Q6
Fernando’s Engravings H3
Five Wits C1 C2 C3
Foam Brain Games F4 F5
Glitch Gaming Apparel D8
Global Anime M18 M19 M20
Gold Star Anime and Games R16 R17
Gorgeous Chain P12
Great American Gothic J16 J17
GreenTea Design E9 E10
Hamsies Cute Shop M16 M17 N16 N17
Hen-Da-Ne J13 J14
HKT Import Toys O4 O5 O6 D13 D14 D15 D16
Hole in the Ground Productions O1 O2
Hungarian Wand Shop O3
Image Anime P4 P5 P6
Itabag Palace E1 E2
ITCosplay Q18 Q19
J & J Enterprises S1 S2 S3 S4
J-House Rock Entertainment D11 D12
Jukebox Imports G3
Kawaii Atama L3
Kobra Kawaii F9
Kpoppin USA Q1 Q2 R1 R2
Level Up Studios D17
Lolita Collective M2 M3
Lot Topic N9 N10
Lunar Toy Store N13 N14 N15
MajikCraft M1 N1
Mana-Tees J3
Media Blasters C13 C14
Megaroad Toys E15 E16 E17
Mori Galaxy H15
My Little Demon Q3
Mystic Revolution Comics I15
Mythical Fair I3
Neon Culture J15
Odyssey Mobile Escape Rooms S17 S18
Offworld Designs R18 R19
One:Eleven Pottery C16
Pawstar Q7 Q8
Pens and More Q11 Q12
Phantom Wolf Apparel I13
Purple Plum INC C9 C10 C11
Realms Anime G13 G14
Red Falcon L11 L12
Rocky Mountain Dragons E3
Rumble and Roar Wandmakers F11
Sanshee K3
Science Fiction Continuum B6 B7 B8
Shark Robot K13 K14 K15
Sig Toys M13 M14 M15
Silver Dragon Studio D4 D5 D6 D7
Silver Leaf Costumes F12
Simple Fandom L10
Snarkfish T-Shirts I14
Songbird Ocarina J20
Sorbet Jungle O13 O14
St Louis Ocarina C12
Story of the Door N3
Studio Kitsu R9 R10
Stuffed Sushi L1 L2
Sugar Lagoon C17
Surreal Makeup P1
Swords, Comics & Posters S11 S12
Tasty Peach Studios R11 R12
TeeTurtle G16 G17 H16 H17
The Island Games and Hobbies C4 C5 C6
The Wizard’s Wagon E7 E8 F7 F8
ToyNK P2 P3
ToysLogic P13 P14 P15
Trilogy Shop Q13 Q14 R13 R14
Twylite Fashion E11
Uniglitter G15
UrbanSheek Q9 Q10
Utopia Armory M11 M12
Video Games New York E5 E6
Warrior Martial Arts L16 L17
Whimsical Wonderhaven K1
Wolfhome Adventuring Outfitters H13 H14
Yaya Han Q20 R20
Zooguu F10

Please don’t hesitate to reach out to the Merchants Team via their contact page with any questions.