The Live Action Role Play is a game of imagination that stretches across the entire weekend. The purpose is to have fun creating stories by interacting with other players and the game masters. You can choose to play a character from any published media source to take on the role of, GM’s discretion of course. In the past this has allowed for interesting situations to play out, like Travis Touchdown becoming the hero of that particular year by being found worthy to pilot Big O, or Johnathan Joestar meeting Joseph Joestar and teaming up, then subsequently teaching Kuwabara how to use Hamon. Now, obviously the game would fall apart if it were entirely just shenanigans, so there is a rules system that provides direction and combat resolution.

At 3 PM on Friday, the LARP begins with an introduction on how to play our system. When this explanation is done, players are introduced into the game world and the game begins. As the game progresses, player action is the main driving force at the LARP. Players taking it upon themselves to interact with the imaginary world presented, explore it through character action, and effect change through their actions and the consequences thereof are the key components of the LARP. It is closer to a game of Dungeons and Dragons (with simpler rules, no dice, more players) than contact LARPs like Amtgard.

Participating in the LARP is a rather simple affair. There is a minimum age of 13 (due to the general PG-13 rating of our campaigns), you do not need to be dressed as the character you want to play (we’ve had people dressed as Naruto playing Goku, or someone dressed as Yoshikage Kira playing one of the Joestars mentioned above) and an imagination. Anything else will be provided by the GMs. Feel free to come by and join in, we don’t mind if you miss the start. And while we stop making new character sheets at 5pm on Saturday, we have an archive of character sheets that we have made in the past that we can print from if you still want to join in after that time.

Hours of Operation:
10 am: At convention registration opens
3pm LARP begins
10pm LARP room closes for the night

10am to 10 pm LARP room open
5pm at convention creation of characters closes, you can still pick characters up or pick them off the list of ones we’ve already made, but we do not make new characters after this at the convention

10 am to 1pm LARP room open