2019 Model Contest Guests and Panels


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David Jacobs

David Jacobs was born & raised in Charlotte, NC where he still lives with his wife and family. David is no stranger to redesigning, painting, sculpting, molding, casting or anything else to do with model building on any project. David started at the young age of seven building models. By the age of eight, David built his first scratch-built model. David’s passion for model building sparked from his talented mother whom was also a sculptor for many years. David has the most impressive scratch-built spacecrafts from a 1975 television program called Space:1999. David accomplished a scratch built 44″ Eagle (Winner at Wonderfest 2017), as well as a studio scale size “The Swift” (Winner 1st place at Wonderfest 2018). David not only won in the competition, but he got recognized by 2018 Modeling Magazine for the scratch build “The Swift”. David’s newest model is a studio scale, scratch-built model “The Altares”.David’s desire & enthusiasm towards model building is nothing short of talent and a gift to share with others. David is an artist that works hard to build models that speak to both him and to others that exists in the world of science-fiction. David does capture the design and details of every model. David background also includes electrical & mechanical engineering.

Steve Radler

Steve Radler has been building and painting models for the past 40 years. His passion is science fiction, but he has been known to dabble in other genres. Steve’s work can bee seen online at StudioScale.com and on Facebook. Currently Steve is working with Lee Malone, the owner of Rogue Studios. Here he is helping out with painting and is currently working on a tandem X-Wing build. Steve likes to work on scratch builds but enjoys putting together mass produced kits as well. He is always looking for and trying new techniques to bring the art of model building to the next level. His work can seen on the SYFY Channel show Continuum and models and displays created by Rogue Studio Productions



Todd Morton

DI’m 52 years old and a huge sci-fi fan. Space 1999 is my favorite. I started the “Space 1999 Props & Ships group on Facebook almost 4 years ago and it’s skyrocketed to over 10,500 members. I’ve been a model builder all my life but moved on to mostly a collector. Since starting the P&S group I’ve met some great people including the actors from the show. I’ve also helped plan 2 conventions since 2017. Breakaway 2019 will happen this year September 13th – 15th. I have made friends all over the world. I hope to see you at one of the conventions this year.