The Official Katsucon 2021 Model Contest Rules

Rules 1
Rules 2

Theme: TBA

Contest entry form will be available soon!

1. All Model Submissions are highly encouraged to Pre-Register their entries. At the door registration will not be guaranteed entry.

2. Exclusions: Winning models from past Katsucon model contests may not be re-entered. Katsucon staff, contest core personnel, judges, and sponsors may display their work but not enter a model in the contest. Reciprocally, any model entered in the contest may not be entered into the model display.

3. Proxies: Model must be built & painted by the modeler entering the contest. Entries by proxy are allowed, but must be declared to Contest Officials in advance. Violators will be disqualified.

4. Size and Number of Entries: Entries may not exceed our size limitation of 36”L x 20′′W x 24′′H. Entries are limited to five (5) per attendee. Any entry that approaches the size 20”x20”x20” in size must register early due to limited display space.

5. “Mature” Subjects: Due to the family nature of the Katsucon experience, it is show policy that models depicting nudity and those containing violent or “adult” subject matter will not be accepted for entry. Figures are subject to review for content by the Contest Coordinator.

6. Entry of models: Modelers must neatly print all information on the Entry Form (please ask questions if you do not understand). Modelers are allowed to place their own model(s) on the contest table, but they MUST be
accompanied by a contest usher. The contest usher will then give you a claim check. The Modeler MUST immediately exit the contest area after placement of entry.

7. Removal of models: Once entered, models cannot be removed from the contest early. Early removal automatically disqualifies entrant. After the awards presentation, the proper claim check ticket must be shown to a contest usher who will accompany you to remove the model (no exceptions). Models will be available for pickup starting Sunday morning.

8. Disputes: All Judges’ decisions are final.

9. Liability: Katsucon assumes no liability or responsibility

If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to reach out to us with this contact page.