Katsu-sen: Song and Dance Festival


Welcome to Katsu-sen’s inaugural year! Join us for a high energy team-based song and dance performance competition: Two teams enter but only one team will bask in musical glory and be named the winners of Katsu-sen!

The performers (solo and group) will be assigned to one of two teams and face off against the other. Come cheer on your favorite performer and their team!
Or if you think you have what it takes, try out today!

Application Deadline: December 29, 2018

Application Process

Submission Guidelines:


We are accepting online submissions ONLY.
Include in your application a set list of 6 songs you or your group would like to perform, ranked from most to least preferred. Kindly note that Katsucon Staff will be creating the final event setlist to ensure event content variety and cannot guarantee any individual group’s most preferred song will be granted.


  1. Vocal video submissions must show performers’ face(s)
  2. submitted video can be a maximum of 2 minutes in length
  3. submitted video must include at least 30 seconds of you singing, ie. no unnecessarily long instrumental breaks
  4. submitted video content may not contain cursing, profanity (ie. any language that would get you put in time-out in 3rd grade) or adult themes 
  5. song must be a Japanese commercial release and lyrics primarily in Japanese language
  6. backing instrumental is not required for online vocal auditions, your audition song does not have to be from your setlist unless your act also has a dance component


  1. Dance groups must have at least 3 members.
  2. Submitted video must include 2 songs from your preferred setlist (video can be of a previous performance).
  3. Must submit a working link to the group’s social media page


Acts that include both vocal & dance must meet vocal criteria 1, 4, and 5 and all dance criteria, audition video must be set to music. 

Note: this does not mean you need to have 3 vocalists, you may have 1 vocalist and 2 or more backup dancers to meet your minimum. 

If your group has multiple vocalists please be advised that wireless mics may not be available and total number of mics will be limited, so plan your choreography accordingly. 

Click here to apply.


By auditioning, applicants are granting Katsucon the right to use submitted audition videos for usage as promotional material. 

Performers will be announced via the Katsucon Facebook page and contacted via email. 

Performers may be asked to provide additional information and media to Katsucon for promotional usage. All acts must be set to music; all vocal performers must supply song files with main vocals removed, singing a capella will not be accepted.  Dance only performers can provide full background music with vocals.  

Participants will be expected to attend a rehearsal on Friday afternoon at the convention. Performers will be asked to check in at least half an hour before the event time, failure to show up on time will result in forfeiture of event participation. 

Deadline for applications is December 29, 2018

Please click on the following link to submit your application for Katsu-sen: Song and Dance Festival application for Katsucon 2019

Click here to apply.

Please submit questions to the following email address:  [email protected]