Katsucon 2023 Cosplay Meet-Ups


Cosplay Meet-Up Signups

Cosplay Meet-up
Open October 10, 12:00PM EST 
Closes December 11, 2022 11:59PM EST or until full 

We are here to help officially schedule and coordinate your group cosplay photos in the Gaylord’s most popular areas. By reserving with Katsucon, you are guaranteed the space and time slot for your group with the Meet-Up Team’s presence to maintain order and assist you if needed.  

We will be booking cosplay groups between three locations: the Gazebo, Balcony Right, Fountain, and the Outside – Atrium Level Garden.  

Meet-Ups for Katsucon 2023, will occur Friday and Saturday from 11am to 8pm, and Sunday from 11am to 3pm.  

For 2023, the number of participants will be limited at each location with 30-minute slots: 

  • Gazebo – 30 to 50 participants 
  • Balcony Right – 10 to 30 participants 
  • Fountain – more than 50 participants 
  • Outside (Atrium Level Garden) – no limit  

All cosplay photoshoots are open to photography from general attendees as well as convention photographers. 

Outside scheduling has also been made available. Note that by agreeing to move outside, your photoshoot will be added to the schedule but Katsucon Staff will not be present and cannot guarantee the weather’s cooperation. The current popular location for outside shoots is Outside-Atrium Level Gardens but please feel free to indicate a different location when applying.   

We will host an open period for small groups or individuals at the Gazebo on Friday and Saturday from 1pm-2pm and 5pm-6pm. The line will start about 15 minutes prior to the open period.  

Please see our FAQs for additional information. For additional questions, suggestions or requests, please email us at [email protected]