AMV Past Winners – 2019


AMV Showdown

Action by Fullmetal Dingus Energy by BioticAMVs

Romance – As We Fall by Mysunsai

Drama – A Silent Worry by Zandersen

Upbeat –Happy Little Clouds by Glitzer

Comedy – Plus Ultra Body Wash by Maboroshi Studio

Best in Show – Plus Ultra Body Wash by Maboroshi Studio

Judge’s Choice – The Ouran Side by BecauseImBored1

Showrunner’s Choice – It Rhymes by KeiichiFace (Tsunderbird Studios)

NSFW Winners!

Action – The Beat: Side A by DopplerDo

Horror – Aunt Rhody by James Blond

Drama – Circuit Tree by shorisquared

Comedy – F-Bomb by Maboroshi Studio

Judge’s Choice – Suck My Balls Mr Aizawa by Maboroshi Studio

Showrunner’s Choice – Terrible Things by xNekoAMV

Best in Show – F-Bomb by Maboroshi Studio

Saturday Morning AMV Winners!

Action – Not A Hero by Kazemon15 

Romance &  Drama –A Story to Tell – Valter RCP

Upbeat – Bananya Cat – Cuteness Overload by Studio le Croc 

TV Spots – Tohru by Opner

Comedy – You Can’t Stop The Beat by AnimeTwins

Best in Show –  A Story to Tell by Valter RCP

Judge’s Choice – Mummy Days by TheDestineeAMV

Showrunner’s Choice – The Road to Pompeii by Toon Addict Productions