AMV Contest FAQs



The submission deadline for all of the AMV contests is December 1st, 2021.


Each contest features its own selection of videos to enjoy and vote on! Contests with two showings (Showdown & NSFW) have the same content for each showing.

· AMV Showdown: AMV Showdown is our main event at Katsucon. It is a PG-13 rated contest which shows both Friday and Saturday afternoon.

· Saturday Morning AMVs is an all-ages, PG-rated contest which shows on (you guessed it!) Saturday morning. It features both new videos and some age-appropriate entries from the AMV Showdown.

· NSFW AMVs is our 18+ contest for the wild AMVs too raunchy for our other shows. Please send us your craziest AMVs and strap in for a crazy show!

· Blender is a short AMV compilation that serves as a pre-show to the AMV Showdown. It is a great place for first-time editors to submit a short clip to show their stuff and for experienced editors to showcase ideas too short for a full AMV. Clips can be from 15 seconds to a minute long.



· Interlacing: Interlacing is a problem that can come up either in the initial capturing of video (always select the ‘De-Interlace’ option) OR when you export your video from your editing software. If it is an issue with export settings, you can re-export your video after changing those settings.

· Watermarks: This is a logo appearing on the video from someone who handled the video file, usually in one of the corners. This happens a lot with pirated copies of anime. We are unable to accept video footage with watermarks on it, so please make sure your video is watermark-free before you start editing. As always, we encourage our editors to purchase their own copy of the source material.

· Subtitles: We only allow editor-created subtitles to be present in AMVs. Subtitles from the original anime source are not allowed to be included.

· Video Quality: We want to ensure your AMV looks and sounds great for the big screen! Please always export at he best quality possible, preferably in an uncompressed AVI file. MP4 files are also acceptable.

· Uploaded on Youtube or an untrustworthy media sharing site. We only accept AMVs through trusted media sharing sites like Dropbox. We do not want to have to (A) pay a fee to get your AMV or (B) get a virus because of a shady sharing site. Both have happened in the past and have necessitated this rule.



· What happens if I submit my AMV to the wrong competition? Your submission may be moved to a different contest if it is not able to be shown in the contest initially selected on your submission form. For example, an AMV that is too extreme for the PG-13 AMV Showdown will instead be considered for the NSFW competition. Likewise, if you submit for the PG contest and the AMV is a better fit for the PG-13 AMV Showdown, then we will consider it for the AMV Showdown.

· Can the same AMV wind up in multiple competitions? AMV submissions to the Showdown that are also family friendly may also be considered for the Saturday Morning contest. Your video is not removed from Showdown consideration when this happens; it is simply also considered for the Saturday Morning contest.