Josh Petersdorf
Voice Actor

Josh Petersdorf is a voice actor originally from the San Francisco Bay Area but has been a native to Los Angeles for 7 years. With a background consisting of music production and improv work it was only natural his booming voice made it your living room.  Josh is best known for his work in Blizzard Entertainment’s 2016 Game of the Year “Overwatch” as Roadhog, Jace Darkweaver, Maxwell Tyrosus and various others in World of Warcraft, Hearthstone and Starcraft II. Most recently on the rework of  Galio in League of Legends!   He also voices Optimus Prime and Megatron at Universal Studios Hollywood and is also featured in AMC’s Walking Dead Attraction. He has also performed as The Grinch in the annual Grinchmas event at Universal Studios Hollywood since 2012. Other projects he’s been featured in include the character Shade in Maple Story and Thorgrim in Breakaway as well as Chaac-Mech in SMITE.