E. Anne Cox
JCI Guest

I was born in Columbus Ohio 4/5/51,the eldest of eight children. My father who was a college student and later a college professor. I discovered the joys of making and teaching how to make beautiful things, especially dolls while I was still in early grade school, I began my doll collection then as well. I earned aBachelor of Commercial Art in1974 from Columbus College of Art And Design, earned a Bachelor of Art Education in 1975 from Ohio State University, and have been studying Japanese dolls and crafts under Gego Master Doll Instructor, Akiko Keene, at her school The Washington Japanese School of Arts and Crafts, since 1994.With her school, I have participated in art shows at the Japanese Embassy’s Art Gallery, the Smithsonian Asian Pacific Festival and the Washington Cherry Blossom Festival. Even before I graduated from college, I began teaching arts and crafts and have continued to teach at art centers, senior centers and with after school programs such as Parktakes, from one coast to the other, because I married a career Air Force officer. We have two grown daughters, both English teachers and writers (one with a Master’s degree and one with a Doctorate). Our grown son is a gifted game designer with degrees from Ohio State University and Digipen. I have been active in doll clubs and historical reenactments for most of my adult life. I am currently playing Grandma Shepherd at the Virginia Renaissance Faire. She spins, dyes yarn and teaches rag doll making to the visitors. I began collecting Hina dolls and celebrating .Hinamatsuri in 1980 when my oldest daughter was born on Japanese Girl’s Day. We decided to make Hinamatsuri part of her birthday celebration each year, and add something to her hina doll collection each year. That has led to a fantastic education about Japanese culture, including several trips to Japan, and I share what I have learned with anyone who is interested. I have written several articles and doll patterns that were published in doll Magazines. I also self-published two books; one based on my experiences with the Virginia Renaissance Faire, and one based on my experiences mending Japanese dolls at Arise Antiques. Today, I live in Springfield, Virginia with my husband and our cat. I have an endless list of projects to finish, but I am just getting involved in Anime conventions as a means to continue sharing Hinamatsuri and the joys of doll making.