If you attended Katsucon last year and were lucky enough to see the only Zootopia cosplay complete with a genuine police cruiser, you may already have a good idea the awesome level of zaniness seen from Mandy Seley and Fox Keegan. Jacks of all trades and masters of some, they’ve passions ranging from art, gaming and cosplay to engineering, Do-It-Yourself projects and even survival prep. Not everyone makes medieval armor, gets married in it, and then rides off in their own police-edition muscle car!
While they both work full-time jobs, they find time to combine their antics, energy, and passions to share their most entertaining and relatable tales with the world via their slice-of-life webcomic “Curtailed”. (

Mandy is the comic’s artist and web developer, recently busying herself with a complete overhaul of the website. The more grounded of the two, she enjoys dabbling in game development and desktop publishing, the latter in preparation of the first Curtailed book collection.

Fox’s interests are legion. He has only two modes: “Charging” and “Over-Caffeinated Ferret”. While he lends his wit and wordsmithing as the writer of Curtailed it’s typically his charisma and the indomitable zeal with which he dedicates himself to projects that makes him the catalyst for both the plot and punchline!
(Only put himself in Katsucon Medical once so far!)

Fox and Mandy are thrilled to be attending their third Katsucon as guests and cosplay plans are underway! Fox is already looking to outdo last year’s performance while Mandy is considering investing in a tranquilizer gun.