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All panels that require a classroom style room that involves construction, discussion, or production of something by the end of it will be listed under this section.


3D Printing and you: additive manufacturing and its uses in cosplay
Replicating the Nefertiti bust. Cheap prosthetic limbs. Perhaps, in the distant future, even synthetic organs-it seems 3D printing is everywhere in the news, but these headlines rarely give insight into consumer uses of this technology-such as in prop making. Because of that, this panel aims to educate others on the basics of 3D printing for use in cosplay, such as model creation, post-processing, workflow, and the pros and cons of using this technology in a costume.

Length: 60 min (1 hr)

A Bloody Good Time: SFX Demonstration
When dousing half your face in red food dye for your Marco cosplay just doesn’t cut it anymore but you have no idea what products to buy or even how to do gore makeup, then come to the one of very few and rare SFX panel! It will be a bloody good time learning where to buy the best supplies and how to create realistic gashes, bruises, gunshot wounds, and even look 50 years older! (Not younger…this isn’t a Mary Kay commercial).

Length: 60 min (1 hr)

Presented by: GlutenFreeGore

An Introduction to Ita Bags
Ita bags are one of the latest trends to make their way over from Japan. Decorating a bag with as many badges and charms of your favorite series or character can be incredibly addicting. We’ll be discussing the history and evolution of the ita bag as well as going over the many places to shop for all the best merch.

Length: 60 min (1 hr)

Cosplay Components: Material Know-How
Choosing your materials is the first- and in some ways most important- step in creating any cosplay! Come join experienced cosplayers Kikuka-chan, Animus, and Rose of Battle and learn all about choosing materials for costumes, props, accessories, and jewelry, from fabrics and notions to foams and sealants and more! This workshop will be hands-on, with examples of different materials for you to explore and discussions on their properties and potential uses.

Presented by: Rose of Battle

Length: 120 min (2 hr)

Costumes, Cosplay, and Character
Costumes, Cosplay, and Character – Wearing a costume can be more than just putting on a fancy outfit. It gives you the opportunity to truly inhabit the life of a character. By researching what was worn by your character you can learn a lot about who that person is or was. In this fascinating panel, cosplayers of superheroes, anime, and science fiction are joined together to talk about how researching and building their costumes gives them insight into their characters and personas. Learn how you can find greater depth in your cosplay or role-play through costuming!

Presented by: Longunderwearman, Blogger, Comics, Superheros, and Cosplay

Length: 90 min (1.5 hr)

How to Frankenstein a Pattern for Cosplay
You know who you want to cosplay but can’t find the perfect pattern. Learn how to assemble the perfect cosplay by “Frankensteining” elements from various pre-made patterns. McKenzie of HopismyHero, will take you from inspiration through the process and completion on how to work this cosplay magic!

Presented by: McKenzie Barton & Erin Wohler

Length: 60 min (1 hr)

Leveling Up in Cosplay
Come join us and let’s tackle your cosplay fears and get you to level up! A fun Q&A for all cosplay enthusiasts held by cosplay enthusiasts! From Body positivity to prop building, we got you covered!

Length: 60 min (1 hr)

Make your Dating Simulator
This is a parody workshop where you create the most ridiculous dating simulator known to the anime world.

Presented by: Antibishonen

Length: 90 min (1.5 hr)

Make Your Own “Itabag”!
An ‘itabag’ (痛バッグ) is a bag decorated with buttons, pins, badges, key chains, etc. and range from simply decorated to extreme (and painfully expensive!) projects. Want to make your own and show off your favorite series and characters to the world? Bring your anime and game trinkets (or items from any series!) and a bag and learn more about this Japanese phenomenon, get some tips on decorating your very own itabag, see other people’s bags and make some friends! You can practice a few construction and organization techniques, get help from others, or just sit and watch! There’s even a chance to win some prizes!

Presented by: SCHIZO-ALIAS

Length: 60 min (1 hr)

Navigating the Second Hand Lolita Market
Ever wonder if you could get that beautiful lolita dress that you’ve had your eyes on for cheaper second hand?

Well join the members of Top Hats N Frills Studios as give you tips, advice and personal stories surrounding the second hand lolita market. We will be covering both Lacemarket and Facebook sales.

Presented by: TopHats N Frills

Length: 60 min (1 hr)

Prop Weapons Like a Pro: An Introduction to Resin Casting
Want to learn how they make props for movies? Want to make your own gems and embellishments for cosplay? Are you into Fursuiting? All of this and more, in an introduction to resin casting. We will cover casting of epoxy, urethane, bondo, silicone, foam and many more techniques to take your cosplay to the next level.

Presented by: Beastly Bootique

Length: 60 min (1 hr)

Sewing Cosplay 101
Take your cosplay to the next level, move away from purchased costumes by sewing your own. Let an experienced group of costumers walk you through the basics and answer your questions on topics including: How to take proper measurements for a good fit, selecting and adapting commercial patterns to match your concept; and selecting the best fabrics and notions to realize the best finished costume

This panel is intended for the novice to intermediate costumer/cosplayer.

Presented by: Capes2Cowls

Length: 60 min (1 hr)

Strangling People is Frowned Upon: A Guided Meditation Workshop
Con stressing you out? Some jerk cut you in line, or you can’t get into any panels you wanted? Is every question you ask a staffer met with “I don’t know?” Instead of getting angry, come to our loving-kindness meditation workshop and “OHMMMM” those bad feelings away!

Length: 60 min (1 hr)

Thermoplastics 101
This panel will explore and discuss many of the thermoplastics out there: it will include factual properties of each plastic, pros & cons, and their application towards armor and props.

We will also be discussing difference techniques that are applied to these thermoplastics is order to build, sculpt, or detail items in the cosplaying world.

Lastly, the audience will be sent out with information on how these thermoplastics can be applied to objectives outside of costumes and props.

Presented by: Crimsyn Cosplay

Length: 60 min (1 hr)