Large Group Meetup Coordination


The entry window has closed. Schedules are being finalized. Organizers will be notified of their scheduled times.

Hello Cosplayers, Cosplay Designers, and Photographers! Large Group Meetup Coordination is the new “pilot program” department tailored to assist with your photoshoot and meetup needs!

We are here to help officially schedule your photoshoot as a part of the convention, and also to help organize and run your shoot at con so as to create a more seamless, fun experience!

As we are a new department, we are starting out small.

We’ll be booking every other hour between two locations: the Gazebo and the Fountain.

We are open to any suggestions you may have for an additional location, please email suggestions to 

Requests for bookings will be on a first come first, first serve basis.

The only requirement for booking is a minimum of ten cosplayers in your group.

All photoshoots are open to photography from general attendees as well as convention photographers.

A final schedule will be published with the convention schedule.