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Katsucon is an annual 3-day fan convention held in the D.C. metro area for multicultural enthusiasts and entertainment. Katsucon is produced by Katsucon Entertainment, Inc. (KEI), a 501(c)(3) educational non-profit organization dedicated to bringing information about Japanese animation, society, and traditional and popular culture to fans everywhere.


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Photography at Katsucon

It seems there’s a lot of speculation going around lately regarding what we do and don’t allow as far as photography goes, so here a statement from our Press liaison that should answer most questions:

Katsucon has no restriction on photography using hand held equipment. Our only concern is that such activities not impair the flow of foot traffic through convention spaces.

However, photography requiring dedicated floor space and/or free standing equipment to include lighting or other electronics in convention spaces must be requested and granted from the convention’s leadership in advance.

This will ensure that sufficient and safe space is available prior to any photo shoots. If sufficient space is not available, Katsucon will suggest convention provided areas for such photographic actives.

Professional photography outside of convention spaces, such as the hotel lobby, rooms, or exterior, is outside the control of Katsucon and as such would be subject to the rules and provisions of the hotel itself. Past experience tells us that the hotel management would prefer these activities remain within Katsucon controlled convention spaces.

We’re looking forward to seeing you soon! If you haven’t Pre-Registered you still have two days left!!!

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