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Model #5

In concert with the theme of the convention being “Space”, the Model Contest will also be following in that direction as well. This does not mean you can’t do your own thing if you want to. :) The theme is an extra nudge to see what you model fabricators can come up with.

Perhaps second only to the anime industry in Japan is the modeling industry (as in plastic models not runway models…though some might argue about the plastic nature of those…but I digress.) If it has appeared on the TV or movie screen in an animated feature or series, be it a character, creature, spaceship or prop; there’s a real good chance that it’s immortalized in plastic as a model kit out there.

Just look around your local anime convention dealer’s room. We’ve seen the model kits selling and leaving the convention and now we want to see what you’ve done with them.

So, once again this year we are proud to have a modeling contest at Katsucon to show off your modeling skills. We’ve had model contests in the past and frankly, the turnout has been mediocre at best (though there have been some AWESOME kits shown) but we want more! I suspect the reason for the low numbers has been because since Katsucon is primarily an anime convention, most people driving in have their cars packed with friends, their stuff, and more stuff. And models are fragile things that people have spent many hours assembling, painting, and detailing…nothing bad can happen with this scenario…

Our model contest is going to be based off of Wonderfest’s system. Wonderfest is the premier science-fiction, fantasy, horror and anime modeling convention in America and was, in turn, based off of Japan’s Wonder Festival, the best anime modeling contest in the world.) We will have the Open System of judging and lots of prizes!

Details and information are in constant flux, so please visit the Katsucon Facebook page or email me, Keith Mayfield, at this email address: See the Model Contest Entry form in Excel and PDF formats.



Katsucon 2016 Model Contest Coordinator

Michael ‘Gecko’ Griffith

Katsucon XX Model Contest ORIGINATOR

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